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Why Proper Thermostat Placement Is Crucial for Your Heating System

The thermostat does more than control when your heater’s blower motors and heating elements turn on and off. It also monitors the temperature in your home using sensors and uses the information to guide its programming. This is the main reason why having the thermostat in the proper place is crucial for receiving the correct level of comfort in your home; poor placement will mean a heater than runs too often, runs too little, or runs erratically.

If you received a poor heating installation, you may have an improperly located thermostat. In most cases, the only solution is to call up a skilled Hayden, ID heating service technician to move it to a better location. ACI Northwest can assist your with thermostat problems when they begin to affect your heater’s performance.

Here are three incorrect thermostat locations:

WRONG: In a place with too much direct sunlight

If a thermostat sits in too much direct sunlight, it will sense a temperature on average 10°F higher than the room’s temperature, a “ghost reading.” This will lead to a heating system failing to turn on when it should.

WRONG: Near to windows and doors that open to the outside

If a thermostat is near any spot that can receive outdoor drafts, it will register temperatures lower than the room’s actual temperature. This ghost reading will have the opposite effect of the sunlight problem: it will cause the heating to come on before it should, resulting in a stuffy, uncomfortable environment.

WRONG: Located too far from the center of the house

You want a thermostat to register a median temperature for a home so it supplies the right amount of heat to create even warmth. A thermostat located too far from the center of the house will detect outlier temperatures that inaccurately reflect the general temperature, and this will result in uneven heating.

(USUALLY) RIGHT: Outside the master bedroom

This is one of the theoretically ideal spots to install a thermostat, since the master bedroom is usually located at the center of a house, and is not near to drafty doors and windows or direct sunlight. If the master bedroom isn’t ideal, it will at least offer a starting point for finding a good spot.

Re-locating a thermostat takes technicians skilled with heating and electrical wiring. Make sure that you find an experienced company like ACI Northwest to locate the best place to move your thermostat. We have a combined 85 years of experience bringing our customers optimal heating in Hayden, ID.

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