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Whole House Generator Services in Coeur d’Alene, ID

ACI Northwest - Whole House Generators

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Whole-house generators have become an affordable investment for the modern home. These systems are hard-wired to your home in order to ensure that you never have to struggle during a power outage again. This means no more unexpected blackouts and no discomfort due to being without a working heater or AC unit. The only thing you need to do to enjoy this is to schedule your whole-house generator services with us.

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ACI Northwest has the systems and services needed to help you keep the lights on no matter what. We are a Generac-certified installer and warranty service company. 

Contact us today to set up your free in-home consultation for the installation of a new whole-house generator in the Coeur d’Alene area.

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The Importance of Whole-House Generators

Whole house generators are designed to provide home owners with power when extended power outages or even short term power outages occur allowing us to continue or lives without to much interruption. The great part of whole-house generators is they are auto transferring. This has several great advantages and there are a few that stand out.

Once power is detected as being off the generator automatically starts and switches power to the circuits the customer has chosen to cover with the emergency generator panel making the transfer from utility power to generator power automatic. As power from the utility is detected the generator will switch back to utility power and the generator will shut down automatically with no assistance from the homeowner. This auto transferring is both convenient and safe for the utility workers keeping generators from back feeding the utility lines.

Generac generators are designed to run a test cycle every week and if there is an issue it is detected before there is a power outage rather than during. Generac also provides the ability to be monitored via a web site (monthly fee is required to use) so if your system fails a test run you will know even when not at home (this service is not required). The test cycle is set by the homeowner so the homeowner is aware of the operation condition of the generator. When it is needed, the homeowner has peace of mind knowing it works.

Generac generators operate on natural gas or Liquid Propane. This allows a large fuel supply if extended run times are needed. As most homes have natural gas available it is generally a simple installation to get natural gas to the generator. If natural gas is not available at a site a propane tank can be provided to supply the LP needed to run the generator. This is all part of our initial free consultation giving you all the information you will need to for a complete installation.

Call ACI Northwest for Whole-House Generator Services in Coeur d’Alene, ID

Power outages are becoming a much more frequent event and there is a solution. Generators can merely be a convenience investment in your home or may have a more critical need as well. No matter the reason knowing it will be there when needed starts at the beginning getting all your questions answered. ACI Northwest offers our free in home consultation to go over all areas needed for a complete installation.

We will go over the entire home electrical panel to help clients determine what they want and need on the generator. We will provide load calculations based on your choices and fitting the proper generator to your requirements. In this process we will be sure to adhere to all code requirements for our customers complete safety. If you decide to sell your home, the generator will meet code increasing your home’s value. 

ACI Northwest provides and requires training and certification of our electricians to make sure we are providing the best installation and service of your generator investment. When you are investing in an emergency backup generator you are going to want the peace of mind that it is installed properly and is going to be there when it is needed. Call ACI Northwest for prompt and professional service and we will provide you that feeling of security you want and deserve.

Generac Residential and Small Business Generators

Generac Residential and Small Business Generators

We install 25KW and below generators that are air cooled. We do not work with portable generators.

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