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Mine Support Services in Idaho, Washington, and Montana

We can collaborate with you and your staff to provide mining support services for optimal productivity and for the safety of everyone involved in the project. From the initial safety training of the people who plan to complete work in the mine, to ensuring proper regulations are followed, to equipment management and road construction, let us help you see the job through to the very end.

ACI Northwest provides mining support services to companies and government workers in Idaho, Washington, and Montana. We can help you get the equipment sized and set up, design and construct a transportation route for workers and for mining materials, and help your mining site become a productive venture. Call a company with experience, training, access to the proper equipment, and a reliable team for you to work with. Get in touch today!

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Ore Management and Transportation

Leave this job to the professionals. You want to see that the materials gathered on site get out safely, and we can ensure that this happens. A good transportation system makes all of the difference when it comes to gathering and moving materials in the most productive manner, and we can help design a transportation pathway for optimal safety and efficiency. Trust the members of our team to have the right level of experience and training to provide total mine support services, including ore management and transportation.


One of the biggest parts of mining is crushing, and you’ll need someone who can get ahold of the right equipment for this task and with the know–how to use it. Quality mine crusher machinery breaks down hard stone into a fine powder, or into smaller pieces like gravel. This way, the material is easier to dispose of, and you can move on with the work you set out to do. With our mining support services, we can see to it that you have quality crushing equipment of the proper size on site, and we’ll ensure that the proper safety procedures are followed throughout the job.

Tailings Dam Construction

A tailings dam contains the byproducts of mining that you don’t want to interfere with the site. Some of the waste the dam contains in the tailings pond may be toxic, so it’s important that all possible safety procedures are followed. That’s what we’re here for. We have a commitment to quality work, but we put safety first and foremost when it comes to mining services. Tailings dams are quite different from hydro dams, and they often reach sizes much larger than conventional hydro dams as well. Make sure you work with a team familiar with these structures. Call ACI Northwest today.

Road Construction and Maintenance

If you’re working on a mine, you need roads leading into and out of the site as well as an underground transportation system. Our team can help you with all of this. We offer road construction services, and we can also help to maintain the road throughout the project. Mining land is difficult enough without having a quality transportation system to get to the mine, and that’s something we can provide. Call us for road construction and maintenance for your mine, and it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

HDPE Liner Installation

Throughout a mine, you may need liners for a number of specific purposes, but ultimately a liner can help to prevent seepage and protect the groundwater. HDPE (High density polyethylene) liners are great for most mining projects, due largely to availability and cost, but they are not easy to install. You need specialized welding equipment and people certified to use it in order to put it into place. Call us and let us handle the work, no matter the size of the project. We have the qualifications to install HDPE liner for your mine.

MSHA and HAZWOPER Safety Programs

You want to know that the people working in a mine are following all of the proper safety procedures. MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) safety training programs and HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard) safety programs help to ensure that everyone on the property is safe and complies with governmental standards and regulations. You can feel more confident that your project is in good hands, as is everyone who works on your property, when you work with ACI Northwest for mining support services in Washington, Idaho, or Montana.

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