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Civil Construction Services in Idaho, Washington, and Montana

We are proud to offer our civil construction services, including transportation construction, site development, and underground construction projects like sewage and water treatment plants, throughout Idaho, Washington, and Montana. We have extensive experience on heavy construction and transportation projects for an array of purposes, and our specialists are here to keep your next construction project on track.

Careful planning and quality work have made us a trusted name in heavy construction and civil construction services throughout the Northwest. We have a number of experienced people on our team and we have all of the right equipment for the job. ACI Northwest is a trusted choice for major civil construction projects, including planning and developing subdivisions, road and highway construction, sewer and storm systems, land fill development, and more.

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Our site development services include the planning and development of subdivisions. Zoning land for subdivisions allows for faster development and construction, but only if there are quality contractors working on the site the whole way through. Careful planning helps to make the project go a lot more smoothly. You want projects completed quickly so that you can start selling as soon as possible, but you also need the development to be of a high quality. Choose a company with the right experience, quality equipment, and a commitment to doing the job the right way. We offer complete planning and development services.

Road and Highway Construction

The construction of roads and highways involves having a team to coordinate every part of the process, from planning the layout to managing each and every piece of the road that is put into place. The design of the road or highway is crucial, and it’s not exactly an easy process. We will evaluate the area before making a plan, and then we will work with you and our team to follow through with the construction, focusing on safety and on the quality of our work. We strive to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Sewer, Water and Storm Systems

We also specialize in underground construction projects, including sewer, water, and storm drainage systems. Proper drainage is one of the first things you’ll need for any new development construction project, and it’s something that must be designed and constructed the right way the first time through. We handle all of the elements that ensure that waste moves away from a property or a larger area in the most efficient manner possible. We also work on the installation of water mains and water lines for civil construction projects. Call to learn more.

Power, Gas, Phone and Cable Systems

You could not expect someone to live or work in an area without a connection to power, gas, phone lines, and cable lines. A major civil construction job involves more than the major development projects. The details are just as important, and a power line or gas connection is no small business. ACI Northwest is qualified to handle both the planning and design aspects, making sure that everything is in the proper place, and the installation of the power line, cables, phone lines, and gas connections. Contact our civil construction specialists to learn more about our services.

Sewage Treatment Plants, Including Lagoons

Modern society has ways of treating waste so that it can safely move on without doing harm to the environment. Civil construction often involves the installation and development of sewage treatment plants, and that’s something we can handle. We will design and plan the best treatment plant for any project, and this includes lagoons. Wastewater lagoons are widely used because they are often the most economical choice for smaller municipalities. Discuss your options with our professionals.

Water Treatment Plants, Including Reservoirs

A water treatment plant is pertinent to any modern city, and we’ve got in under control. We can construct a water treatment plant that will target the contaminants common to your area in Washington, Idaho, or Montana and help the people in your community keep healthy. Sometimes, a reservoir is used to provide water, and we can handle that as well. We can also install and plan the water pipes and all of the components that make your civil construction project a success.

Site Grading and Erosion Control

Before construction can begin, you’ll need to adjust the area around the construction site and ensure a good foundation, so that everything is even or set to a specific slope. You’ll also need the site set up for erosion control, in order to protect the property. We offer site grading and erosion control services to prepare properties and larger civil construction projects for a build. Learn more about our site grading and erosion control services and how we can help prepare your site by calling us today.

Landfill Development and Reclamation

Developing a landfill requires a lot of attention to detail. We use the most environmentally–friendly practices possible for landfill design, aiming to contain waste in a way that is responsible and efficient. You don’t want contaminants to seep into the land surrounding your landfill, but our construction processes help to ensure safety and see to it that the standards of solid waste containment are followed. We can also assist in a landfill reclamation project, seeing to it that you get the most use possible out of the land and that waste and contaminants are disposed of properly.

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