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Electrical Maintenance Plan

Despite being out of site, for the most part, the electrical work in your home is a critical part of your daily life. Without it, you can’t turn on your air conditioner, wash your clothes or keep your food cold. It’s a necessity every day of the year. So, it’s incredibly important that you schedule regular maintenance for your electrical system, even when it seems to be working as intended.

The Coeur d’Alene and Spokane area maintenance electricians at ACI Northwest focus on minimizing long term electrical issues by dealing with minor problems before they get out of hand. We have been keeping panel boxes, smoke alarms, outlets, and lighting working as intended without any problems or safety concerns for area homeowners for years. If you’re interested in learning more about our maintenance plans, call us today.

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Electrical Maintenance Plan Benefits

Normally, if you have a problem with your electrical systems, you must call an electrician to come to your home and investigate. That takes time and money and it’s a major headache because properly functioning electricity in your home is necessary for everyday living. Preventative maintenance at your convenience is obviously preferred to the sudden need for quick and possibly expensive repairs.

Our goal is to make things easier, so we’ve created a series of maintenance plans that allow you to pay a set fee every year to have routine maintenance on your electrical system done. This means we’ll come to your home annually and check over your system carefully and perform any necessary service.

Electrical service by a trained professional is critical to the safety of your home, reducing the risk of fire and injury. However, many people put it off because of the hassle and cost. With our maintenance plans, you can rest at ease as we take care of everything – from scheduling to repairs and parts replacement.

Sign Up for Electrical Maintenance

Call ACI Northwest today to sign up for our electrical maintenance plan so you can be at ease, knowing your electrical system is being regularly monitored and cared for by professionals. Our Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area electricians are highly trained at servicing any type of electrical component and pride themselves on being able to keep homes safe for our customers and their families.

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