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Mine Reclamation in Idaho, Washington, and Montana

Mine reclamation offers up so many opportunities for land development, but only so long as you have experienced people working on it. From managing the waste materials to the reconstructing streams and creek beds, to demolition of structures on-site, you can count on us. Because we also specialize in mining support services, our experts know the ins and outs of mines, tailings ponds and dams, the natural land around the mine, and the structures developed during the mining process.

Abandoned mine sites have the potential to turn into usable land for residential purposes, commercial purposes, or government use. However, the mine reclamation process is not easy. You must first submit your plans for the land before starting on the project, and you must ensure that it is carried our according to government standards for safety and in a way that is responsible for the environment. Contact ACI Northwest. We have experience with mine reclamation, and we can assist in your next project in Washington, Idaho, or Montana.

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Complete Mine Site

We don’t just handle one or two aspects of a mine reclamation project. We want to help you reclaim the entire mine site, so that you can take advantage of all of the space an abandoned mine site has to offer. Before 1977, coal mines had fewer regulations, which means it can be tougher to see to it that a mining reclamation project is handled safely with an older mine. Safety is our priority at ACI Northwest, and we want to make sure that the proper procedures and processes are in place. Get in touch today for mining services for your complete mine site.

Tailings Pond

A tailings pond, contained within a tailings dam, holds all of the byproducts of the mining process, often in slurry form—a mixture of all of the water used for mining and the mineral particles that result as rocks are crushed to reach the target elements in the mine. A tailings pond poses a major concern for mine reclamation because a tailings pond can be quite large and it is designed to contain some dangerous, toxic byproducts that are harmful to the environment. We will manage these waste materials in the most responsible way, finding a solution that’s unique to your land.

Stream and Creek Bed Reconstruction

Streams and creek beds may become tainted and the land area ruined during the mining process, especially if the abandoned mine was put into place before the government began setting strict guidelines for coal mining. Stream and creek bed reconstruction is a major part of restoring the ecosystem and seeing to it that the mine site is functional and scenic, and that the area around it is not contaminated. We can take care of waste removal and reconstructing the area around the stream or creek bed for functionality and aesthetics. 

Hazardous Waste Removal

Any mining project is going to produce some level of hazardous waste. And today, companies working within mines are expected to properly dispose of hazardous waste, and to keep harmful mining byproducts contained in tailings dams. However, if you’re working with an older abandoned mine, there could be quite a bit of hazardous waste on the property to dispose of. We can take care of hazardous waste removal, ensuring the safety of the people who will use your land as well as minimal impact on the environment.


The layout of the mine site and any structures left behind will require demolition during a mine reclamation project, and we have the proper equipment for the job. We do complete demolition and cleanup of older mine sites, and we’ll dispose of the remnants correctly. All you have to worry about is acquiring the land, and we take care of the rest. Call us for demolition services and complete mine reclamation in Washington, Idaho, or Montana.

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