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3 Ways Attic Fans Benefit Your Household

If you’ve ever ventured into your home’s attic during a warm summer day, you know that this shaded, enclosed spot can turn into an oven. Attics can reach 120°F easily on hot days, and this turns the region into a massive heat sink that will affect the rest of your home.

One way to protect your house from the extra heat is with proper attic insulation. But you can go a step further with installation of attic fans that equalize the temperature between the inside and the outside of the attic. These fans are also effective at decreasing the moisture that rises into the attic year-round from kitchens and showers.

If you are interested in attic fan installation, contact ACI Northwest and ask about our electrical services in Coeur d’Alene, WA.

3 benefits from attic fans

  1. Increased comfort and energy efficiency: The basic function of an attic fan is to reduce the temperature in the attic, and subsequently keep it from seeping down to heat up your home even more during hot weather. With the fans in operation, the attic averages 50 degrees cooler, and this translates to a drop of 10 degrees inside the rest of your home—a significant difference. You will end up using your air conditioner less during the summer to combat extra heat, and this means a reduction on your utility bills.
  2. Extended roof life: The high levels of heat and trapped moisture inside the attic will shorten the lifespan of your roof, which is one of the most expensive parts of a home to repair or replace. Water moisture that becomes trapped inside the roof will encourage the growth of damaging molds. When the temperature drops in winter, the moisture will freeze, expanding and causing cracking to roofing material. Attic fans pull down the temperature and dissipate the moisture that can ruin your roof.
  3. Storage protection: Most households use the attic as a storage place for items only needed a few times a year, or for valuable keepsakes and heirlooms. The intense heat inside an attic during the summer can cause damage to many of these items, especially if they are exposed to it year after year. Moisture will also cause severe harm, particularly to wood and precision objects such as musical instruments. Attic fans regulate these problems, making the attic a safer place to store your important possessions.

Attic fan installation is a large project, but with the right Coeur d’Alene electrical service contractor on the job, you should have no difficulties. ACI Northwest provides excellent attic fan installation, as well as any repairs you might need. Don’t suffer from unnecessary heat in your home this summer: call ACI Northwest today.

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