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HVAC Apprentice


Obtain an Idaho Apprentice Card. Attend an Idaho state recognized school for HVAC. Work in ACI’s sheet metal fabrication shop and out in the field on HVAC Projects. You will be working with a Journeyman for your 4 year on the job training. You will be working in scissor lifts 25’ in the air or off 8’ to 10’ stepladders and extension ladders. You will be Fabricating, Installing Duct work and HVAC equipment. You will be given the opportunity to learn every aspect of HVAC from Fabrication, Install, Refrigeration, Controls, Start-up and Maintenance. Reports to General Manager Commercial HVAC, Project Manager and Journeyman.

Daily duties:

1. Work Safely
2. Show up for every assigned shift 10 to 15 minutes before shift starts
3. Take and remember instructions from Journeyman to learn HVAC trade
4. Have Idaho Apprentice Card
5. Stay in good standings in HVAC School
6. Be aware of your surroundings and other trades working around you
7. Have hand tools as outlined for you and keep in good working order
8. Assist Journeyman in the installation and fabrication of HVAC
9. Complete on the Job Training forms daily to submit at end of month


1. High School Diploma (or GED or Equivalent)
2. Registered Apprentice in State of Idaho, or willing to
3. Valid Driver’s License
4. Reliable transportation
5. May require travel / overnight stay
6. Able to understand verbal and written instructions

Key Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the HVAC Apprentice.

These include the following:
1. Apprentice card
2. Staying in good standings in HVAC school
3. Ability to show up on time and work full shift 5 days a week
4. Ability to remember what was taught yesterday and apply it to today and tomorrow
5. Have all of required hand tools as outlined
6. Stay off all electronic devices while working only used at break and after work
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