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Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner Systems in the Coeur d’Alene, ID

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Commercial packaged air conditioner units are the perfect choice for businesses in Coeur d’Alene. These systems take up less space, provide comfort well, and have high energy-efficiency ratings. ACI Northwest can provide the professionals who can service  packaged air conditioner units to help them operate optimally. 

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Our team has served businesses in the area since 1992. That’s more than 25 years of customer satisfaction! When you want a team to rely on to help keep your system running right and keep your commercial space comfortable, come to us.

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Commercial Packaged Units

Commercial packaged units contain in a single unit the cooling equipment and air handling fans, as well as the option of having a natural gas or electric heater. Instead of having separate air conditioner systems and heater systems, packaged units offer both cooling and heating options within one single cabinet. Packaged units have the option of being installed at ground–level or on rooftops; it all depends on what the building in Spokane will allow, and what the client wants.

With commercial packaged units it is important to analyze the various factors which make each packaged air conditioner and heater unit different. This includes the size of the packaged unit and whether it is big enough to accommodate the size of your building in Spokane, and its purchase price in contrast to the monthly energy costs for running the packaged air conditioning and heating unit. Looking at the Energy Efficiency Rating will help in determining how efficient a given model is and how it compares to others based on its initial price–point and what the monthly usage costs will be. Despite higher purchase prices, packaged units with higher EERs can end up being better units to own in the long run, saving more money down the line because of the high degree of energy savings that occur month after month.

Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner Services in Coeur d’Alene ID 

All of our valued clientele deserve to have quality packaged unit services such as packaged unit installation and replacements, packaged air conditioning and heating repairs and maintenance programs. We are a qualified commercial packaged unit services company that works all through Coeur d’Alene, ID and Spokane, WA as well as surrounding areas. Contact ACI Northwest and get commercial packaged unit support from a trustworthy packaged air conditioning and heating services company.

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