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Should You Invest in a Ceiling Fan?

wooden ceiling fan

A ceiling fan can be a great investment for your home comfort. While this system doesn’t cool the air the way an air conditioner does, a ceiling fan can help you feel cooler, ease the strain on your AC, and save you energy too.

If you’ve been considering adding a ceiling fan to your house but you weren’t sure if it was truly worthwhile, we’d like to help. Read on to discover more about the benefits of installing this helpful appliance in your home.

What a Ceiling Fan Does

This may seem silly to address but we want to make sure to fully explain what you can expect from a ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan, or any fan for that matter, won’t cool the temperature of the air. There is no refrigerant to absorb and remove heat in this appliance the way there is in an air conditioner. Running a fan in an empty room does nothing to change the room’s temperature and improve comfort.

What a fan does do is helps anyone in the room feel cooler. This is because the increased air movement helps with the evaporation of sweat which is the human body’s natural cooling process. If you run your air conditioner and turn on your ceiling fan at the same time, this can also help with the circulation of cooled air, which improves your comfort as well.

Benefits for Reduced Energy Use

You may wonder if running a ceiling fan will create a large bump on your electric bill. The truth is that it can actually help reduce energy use!

The average medium-sized ceiling fan uses less than a kilowatt an hour of electricity. That is a low cost to you even as it helps you feel cooler. What’s more, when you feel cooler, you can easily raise the temperature on your thermostat to reduce the energy that your AC has to use to cool the house.

Added Perks to Consider

Along with helping your overall comfort level, ceiling fans benefit you by what they don’t do. Let us explain.

  • No need to fight for an outlet: Schedule your installation with a professional electrician to hardwire your ceiling fan.
  • No floor space lost: Your ceiling fan is, unsurprisingly, mounted on your ceiling, meaning it won’t take up floor space the way a portable standing fan does.
  • No clash with your home’s decor: You can choose a ceiling fan that matches the overall decor in your home rather than settling for the next best style of plug-in fan that may throw off everything in the room.

You can enjoy better comfort at a wonderfully low cost with the use of a ceiling fan. You can rely on our electricians in Coeur d’Alene, ID to get your ceiling fan mounted, installed, and connected properly.

ACI Northwest is here to assist with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice. Schedule your home system services with our expert team today.

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