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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Let’s Get Your Outdoor Lighting Set-Up!

We may still get some cooler temperatures around here but the extra hours of sunlight as a sure sign that summer is coming up quickly. But even with all those extra daylight hours, it can feel like the sun sets too early on a day full of fun activities and good company. With the right kind of outdoor lighting set-up, you can get some added time outside even after the sun sets.

We aren’t just talking about security lights over your garage or Edison bulbs strung across your backyard. You can work with our team of electricians in Spokane, WA to get the best types of hard-wired outdoor lighting for your home’s needs so you can enjoy the benefits that come with a well-lit home.

The Benefits of a Good Outdoor Lighting Set-Up

While some homes can get by with a nice porch light, other homeowners want a more comprehensive outdoor lighting setup. When you work with a professional to get your outdoor lighting taken care of, no matter how much or how little lighting there is, you’ll enjoy several benefits.

  • Increased safety when outdoors. A dark driveway or poorly lit walkway to your front door makes for plenty of tripping hazards. This is one of the reasons why outdoor pathway lights, a good patio light, or even some small driveway lights can be a great investment to improve your safety when you’re outside.
  • Increased security throughout the evening. Whether you are sitting outside on the porch or tucked in bed, you want to do what you can to ward off intruders. Security lights and motion sensor lights can help to provide some extra security. Well-lit homes are far less likely to fall prey to break-ins.
  • Increased activity time outside of your home. We’ve touched on this already, but that is because it is something that almost everyone enjoys. When the weather warms up there is something special about getting to spend some extra hours outside talking, playing games, or just enjoying the environment.

Why Work With a Professional Electrician

If you are looking to get a good outdoor lighting set-up for your home, it pays off to get the work done by an electrician. While plugging in a string of lights takes care of things more quickly, this approach is less energy efficient and less safe overall when compared to hard-wired outdoor lights.

Whenever you want to have any wiring work or other electrical work done, it is best to have an electrician do it. This is going to ensure things are taken care of safely and in a timely manner. Our electricians can work with you to choose the right type of lighting to install around your home to meet your needs. When you work with us, you’ll always enjoy competitive pricing and honest advice.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice. Schedule your appointment with a professional electrician today.

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