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Sealing Your Ducts Can Save You a Lot of Money

What do you know about the air ducts in your home? You probably have some sort of a picture in your head, likely involving a sheet metal path that loops to various areas of your home. Of course, most homes have the air ducts hidden since they don’t exactly add to the décor in a home (though they may be exposed in commercial and industrial usage).

Most people don’t know a lot about air ducts, even the ones in their own homes, which is why so many duct systems go neglected for so long. And even though it seems like a simple pathway for air to move to the vents of your home, air ducts can encounter some serious issues over their lifespan.

Holes in the Ducts

Air ducts can develop holes and cracks a lot more easily than you might think. The ducts are subjected to high-pressure airflow over the years that can contribute quite a bit to wear and tear on the ducts. What seems like a secure metal structure may fall apart, but more than likely, small holes or cracks begin to form and slowly reduce the effectiveness of your home comfort equipment.

Efficiency Issues

The main problem with leaky ducts is that you’re likely spending way too much on heating and air conditioning. In fact, in the typical home, 20-30% of the air that’s supposed to make it to your living space actually leaks into the attic, a crawlspace, or another area you’re not actually using.

Not only do you pay more to heat or cool a space you don’t use, but your AC or heater may become overworked with all of that extra effort. It’s still trying to reach a certain setting on the thermostat, so the parts may struggle to run smoothly, meaning you might have to make repairs too often as well.

Sealing the Ducts

It’s important that you find professional technicians to repair the ductwork rather than attempting to do it on your own. It’s not as simple as placing a piece of duct tape on the tear; in fact, finding where the leaks are in the first place is difficult enough. Contact a local technician with professional sealants and detection equipment.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns in Post Falls. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.

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