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Scheduling Professional Electrical Services

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Safe, dependable electricity is one of the most fundamental luxuries that we demand in our homes. It is inconceivable to most homeowners these days to imagine not having light in your home with the flip of a switch. From heating to cooking and providing the energy needed to operate your appliances and electronics, your electrical system is among the most important components in your home. It is also one of the most potentially problematic and, if not professionally installed and serviced, most dangerous. There is no reason that you should not be able to enjoy high-quality, safe electrical service in your home. Simply call the electrical experts at ACI Northwest to schedule electrical installation and repair services in Spokane.

The importance of scheduling your electrical system installation with a licensed, experienced electrician cannot be overstated. There are laws and regulations that must be met and complied with. More importantly, you must work with a qualified, professional Spokane electrician to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical system. Electricity is a very common power source, and it can be extremely safe to use. In order to ensure this safe operation, though, you cannot cut corners during the electrical installation process.

The maintenance of your electrical system and all of its components is the most important factor in ensuring its continued reliability and safety of operation. Wires, electrical connections and other parts of the system will degrade over time. Only by allowing a professional electrician the opportunity to inspect and tune-up your electrical system can you hope to get the best performance possible from it. Routine maintenance is also a great opportunity for your professional electrician to discover, diagnose and resolve any problems with your electrical system early on. Waiting for a problem to come up with your electrical system is the worst way you can go about servicing it. Prevention is key.

To learn more about electrical services in Spokane call the experts at ACI Northwest. Our electricians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to use your electrical system confidently and safely. Contact ACI Northwest today for more information on installation and electrical repair service in Spokane, WA..

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Adding a Circuit: Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

There are many repairs that a savvy homeowner can handle alone. Things like fixing a running toilet, draining and cleaning the water heater annually and even replacing a bathroom vanity are all projects that can reasonably be done yourself.

When it comes to electrical work, however, the job is best left to a skilled electrician. One such project that homeowners are not advised to tackle is adding a circuit to your home electrical system. This is for several reasons, including the complexity of the job at hand, the legal components of local building codes and ultimately, your safety.

 Not an Easy Job

Leaving aside for a moment the dangers of delving into your home’s wiring, adding a circuit is a difficult job to accomplish. Wiring a circuit is a job that requires some skill and training. There are lots of ways to do it wrong, but only one way to do it right.

There may be other challenges, too. For one, your breaker box may not accept another circuit, which means you would have to upgrade to one with a higher capacity. Right away, this project has gotten way more complicated than you would have liked.

 Knowing the Code

Building codes are often complex and difficult to follow, which is why electrical contractors have to spend hours in training learning about changes and modifications to local codes. If you were to inadvertently add a new circuit in a way that violated local codes, you could have a big mess on your hands.

In addition, many local codes prohibit anyone other than a licensed contractor from even performing electrical work– including the homeowner.

 Safety First

Lastly, but clearly most importantly, consider the safety issues involved. Electrical wiring can be a serious hazard, and not working with it safely can result in serious injury or even death.

Professional electricians are trained in how to properly and safely do electrical work so that no on gets hurt or worse.

The urge to do it yourself can be strong, and in many cases it’s OK to follow that urge, but adding a circuit is not one of those times. It’s not worth it. Call in ACI Northwest!

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