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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Things to Expect from a New Heater

We hope that you have had a pleasant and safe winter so far here in Washington State. But if your current heater hasn’t been living up to its former standards, and the winter has been a chillier one for you than usual, perhaps the time has come to toss out the old and welcome the new with heating installation in Spokane, WA.

ACI Northwest has Spokane heating installation technicians ready to assist you with installing a new heater for the rest of the winter season. Here are few things you should expect once we have set up your new heating system:

  • Popping/rumbling sounds from the ducts: Odd sounds from your heater are usually a sign of trouble. However, one sound you should expect when you first turn on your heater if it uses ductwork is a popping or rumbling noise that sounds like shaking metal. This is from the metal of the ducts, expanding and adjusting to the sudden first increase in temperature. Only worry about it if it persists.
  • A decrease in your energy bills: If this is the first new heating system you have gotten in many years, you can expect to see lower energy bills—and that will certainly make you feel even better about your investment. Home heating energy efficiency has increased immensely in only a decade, so your new heating system will have improved performance over your last one. In addition, your previous heater probably lost much of its efficiency near the end of its service.
  • Quieter operation: Another advance in heating technology over the years is the decrease of operating noise through more efficient engines and better sound-proofing on the cabinets. Don’t worry if you can hardly hear your new heating system operating—that’s exactly how it should sound.
  • Better thermostat controls: New heater installation should go hand-in-hand with new thermostat installation. A programmable thermostat will give you increased control over the heat in your home, and wireless models are even better.

You will only get the full benefits of your new heater if you have it installed professionally. Amateur installation frequently leads to malfunctions, poor heating, and full breakdowns. Let the experts take on this complex task and have it done for you fast and properly. At ACI Northwest, our expertise means we will get your heating installation in Spokane, WA done right the first time. You’ll have many years of trouble-free comfort ahead of you with ACI Northwest behind you.

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