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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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How Air Handlers Fit into Your Heating System

The most common type of heating systems found in homes are “forced-air” systems. These include furnaces and all the varieties of heat pumps (air-source, geothermal, ductless). Forced-air systems use the distribution of heated air sent into your home to provide you with comfort.

A key component for a forced-air system to work is a device that, well, forces the air to move. These components are called air handlers, and we’ll explain in a bit more detail how they fit into your heating system.

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Air Handler Basics

Although one of the prime functions of an air handler is to send out conditioned air into a ventilation system (or straight into a room if it is a ductless system), they are far more complex than just a box with a fan. A standard air handler houses a blower motor and fan, filters, dampers, and (for heat pumps) heating and cooling elements. They can also contain extra options, depending on the system to which they are hooked. Some air handlers contain a heat recovery device that increases energy efficiency, and others can contain humidifiers, which help to alleviate the dryness that often comes from heating a home.

For a furnace or a standard heat pump, a heating system will have one large air handler connected to the cabinet of the system. For ductless mini split heat pumps, a series of smaller “terminal units” are positioned throughout the house, and usually contain a smaller number of components—enough to allow them to condition and send out the required amount of heating. These terminal units are linked back to the cabinet through refrigerant and power lines.

Professionals Must Install Air Handlers

An air handler is an essential part of a team, an important component in a larger system that can include ducts, venting, burners, motors, air filters, etc. In order for an air handler to correctly perform its job, it must have installation from professionals with the training to correctly connect it to the distribution system and the heating cabinet. This is not work to trust to amateurs.

ACI Northwest carries the top brands of air handlers, and we have extensive experience with heating system installation in Spokane, WA as well as repairs and maintenance to take care of the air handler that is taking care of you.

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