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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Is Your Heating System Holiday-Ready?


Happy autumn! It’s the season of cozy holiday gatherings. But if your home isn’t cozy, it can really spoil the season. Is your heating system ready to perform well and keep your family and your guests warm and festive? Here’s how to make sure.

Schedule Regular Fall Heating Maintenance

This should always be your first order of business as you prepare for the weather to get chilly. There might be a lot of things on your fall to-do list, but don’t let this one be forgotten. Heating maintenance is absolutely critical for many reasons.

  • Safety: If you have a gas furnace, maintenance ensures that there are no leaks, that the ignition system is working properly, the fuel is being fully combusted, and the heat exchanger is in good condition. If your heating system is electrical, maintenance will help prevent other safety hazards such as an electrical fire.
  • Efficiency: A year’s hard work will decrease heating efficiency by about 5%, but maintenance will bring it back up so you won’t have increased utility bills.
  • Effectiveness: Airflow problems, blocked ducts, and many other issues can prevent your heating system from creating enough heat or from circulating it effectively. Maintenance will keep you cozy.
  • Reduced Repair Needs: Up to 85% of potential repair needs can be eliminated because maintenance addresses issues like dusty buildup and lack of lubrication. It’s also a chance to catch small problems early before major repairs are needed.
  • Extended System Life: Put off replacing your heating system for as long as possible by making sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Get Repairs as Promptly as Possible

If your heating system is behaving oddly, a quick check-up from a qualified technician should be done right away. Prompt heating repair in Coeur d’Alene, ID can save you from a holiday-disrupting breakdown or from having to replace your heating system. Get repairs right away if you spot any of these concerning signs.

  • New noises such as rattling, booming, groaning, grinding, whining, or screeching
  • Strange smells such as rotten eggs, fish, or burning plastic
  • Insufficient heat in general or from certain vents
  • Cold spots or rooms that simply never quite get cozy enough
  • Shortened heating cycles when the system turns on, off, and on again in a span of just a few minutes

Consider Replacement Before an Emergency

If your heating system is getting old, has rarely been maintained, needs frequent small repairs, or is currently in need of a major repair, replacement is on the horizon. Waiting could mean having to schedule replacement in a huge rush during a cold snap in January. Planning replacement on your terms might be better than continuing to invest in costly repairs for an old or failing furnace.

If you’re not sure what condition your furnace is in or how much longer you can reasonably expect it to function, these are great questions to ask your technician during a maintenance or repair appointment. Having as much information as possible about the system that keeps your home warm and welcoming will help you to be the best holiday host this season. 

ACI Northwest is here to help. Contact us today with any questions about your furnace.

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