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6 Spooky Sounds Your Furnace Shouldn’t Make

Scared woman covering mouth with hands

As Halloween approaches, you’re surrounded by creepy sights and sounds. You might even be staying up late and re-watching your old favorite scary movies. You’re more likely than usual to get jumpy when you hear a strange sound coming from your basement!

You can expect to hear spooky sounds coming from your neighbor’s collection of outdoor Halloween decorations, or from your children as they try on their costumes and practice frightening each other. You should not hear spooky sounds from your furnace! If you do, the furnace needs repair. Keep an ear out for these warning signs.

1: Groaning

If you think you hear the groan of a ghoul, or perhaps something more like grinding, chances are, this is coming from the furnace’s motor. There are bearings which keep it moving smoothly, and if they wear down, it can make a groaning sound. Have the bearings replaced and re-lubricated promptly so you don’t end up burning out the whole motor and having to replace that!

2: Rattling

Is it the chains of a ghost? No, the rattling sound is probably a loose component in your furnace. A fan wobbling off-kilter, for example, can make quite a clatter. Chances are, this is a sound that can be stopped with a simple repair, but if it’s allowed to continue, and a loose component breaks free entirely, it can end up being a more complex repair.

3: Shrieking

A sudden screech is certainly an alarming noise to hear! It’s possible for the worn bearings we already mentioned to make this noise, but it can also be from the belt that connects the fan to the motor. If this is tearing or slipping out of position, this is another case of a prompt repair preventing disaster. You don’t want the belt to fly loose and damage other components!

4: Booming

Sssss-WHOOSH! The initial release of gas followed by the ignition should be pretty quiet. If the boom of ignition is loud, that’s because of a delay: too much gas is being released before the burners are lit. This wastes fuel and can be hazardous, so that sound is a clear sign that it’s time for furnace repair in Hayden, ID.

5: Whistling

Distinct from the mechanical shrieking mentioned above, this is a sound of air being forced through a small opening, just like how a whistling sound is produced by a mouth. Check your air filter first. It may be that it’s so clogged, that air is being pulled around the filter instead of through it. If not, there may be a crack or tear in your ductwork, wasting costly energy and letting your precious heat escape.

6: Hissing

No, it’s not a black cat. This is the sound of something that is under pressure leaking out of a line. If you have a heat pump, chances are, a hiss indicates a refrigerant leak, which is a definite problem but not a serious safety hazard. But with a gas furnace, that sound could be a gas leak. Turn off the furnace and get help immediately, even if it’s the middle of the night on a holiday weekend.

Any unexpected noise from your furnace should be taken seriously, so if you hear something that wasn’t on this list, just ask, and we’ll figure out what’s wrong.

ACI Northwest is here to help. Contact us today with any questions about your furnace.

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