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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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How Heating Maintenance Can Improve Your Comfort

The mild winters in Washington State can mean a bit of snow, plenty of rain, and a few days of heavy cold. There’s very little that a solid and well-functioning heater can’t handle during our winters. But keep in mind that term “well-functioning.” Even during an easy winter season, a heater that isn’t working at its best can make your home uncomfortable—and if the heater fails entirely, that’s when a mild winter will feel like a bitter one.

Regular maintenance done is an excellent way to improve the comfort level in your home in Washington. You should have maintenance done annually on your heater no matter what, but here are some the specific comfort benefits you’ll get from these check-ups.

When you are ready to schedule regular heating maintenance in Spokane, WA, contact ACI Northwest. We offer different maintenance plans to suit all homes and systems.

The most important comfort benefit of routine heating maintenance is that it can prevent breakdowns. A nightmare for any homeowner during the winter is to have a heater fail to turn on. Any machine that receives consistent use will start to wear down; if not cared for, it can stop working entirely. A maintenance technician will catch parts of your heater that are suffering heavy wear, and then replace and them and perform fine-tuning to reduce future stress. If any component appears on the verge of failing, the technician will know how to repair or replace it so you’ll have fewer worries about being left with no heat at all.

Even if your heater isn’t on the edge of a shutdown, it can suffer a loss in heating power if left without maintenance. Clogged ducts, poor connections, failed heating elements, faulty thermostats… numerous malfunctions can reduce your systems’ ability to provide you with the warmth you want. The fine-tuning of a maintenance visit will get your heater the necessary care to get it back to its top performance level.

Although you can take care of a few heater maintenance issues on your own (such as regularly changing the furnace filter), it takes an HVAC specialist to give a heating system the attention that will provide you excellent comfort in return. Rely on technicians from a company with experience and a trusted reputation. ACI Northwest has been in business for 85 years serving Spokane, WA with heating maintenance that keeps our customers cozy through many winters. Contact us today to sign up for one of our heating maintenance programs.

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