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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Furnace or Boiler: How to Choose a New Heating System

Although home heating technology has evolved a long way from the days of coal stoves with ugly iron pipes branching off them, when it comes to making a choice about how to heat your home, it usually comes down to two classic options: furnace or boiler. Both have advantages, especially with the modern advances that HVAC engineers have put into them—but one may be a better fit for your house than the other. If it’s time for home heating installation in Spokane, WA, you should have more information about the pros and cons in the “Furnace vs. Boiler” dilemma. If you have more concerns, or you are ready for a professional opinion and installation, then contact ACI Northwest today. We install and repair the top brands of furnaces and boilers.


Whether a furnace uses natural gas, propane, or electricity for power, it distributes heat in the same manner: forced air passed through ductwork.

Pros: The initial cost for a furnace is lower than most other systems. If you have an existing network of ducts for a central air conditioner, a furnace can hook up to them and make installation simpler. Furnaces also aren’t in danger of freezing up because they don’t have water in them.

Cons: Furnaces require more maintenance than boilers, and you must regularly change the filters. Although less expensive to purchase and install, furnaces aren’t as fuel efficient as boilers and they cost more to run. They also do not heat as evenly as boilers and generate much more noise.


Boilers can run from gas,electricity, or other power sources, but they warm your home using hot water channeled through pipes and radiators. The radiant heat enters your home to raise the temperature.

Pros: Because boilers have few moving parts, they usually require fewer repairs than furnaces. They do not use air to heat your home, so they are better for people allergic to air born pollutants and will provide higher indoor air quality. On average, boilers have a longer lifespan than furnaces and higher energy efficiency.

Cons: Boilers need longer to warm your home because of the time it takes to heat up water. Water leaks can pose serious problems. It’s also hard to convert from a boiler to a different system once you have a boiler installed.

Picking what system you need for your house requires balancing many different factors. Aside from selecting a heater type, you also need to know the proper size to get your home warm without sacrificing efficiency. Calling in HVAC experts to help you with your decisions will save you many headaches in the future. For heating installation services in Spokane,WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID, ACI Northwest will get the job done right for you.

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