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Furnace Repairs to Watch Out for This Winter

furnace repairs watch for winterThere are few appliance problems that are more annoying than that of a broken down furnace in the dead of winter. When you live where we do, it’s vital that you have a fully functional and efficiently working furnace in your home. To accomplish this, you want to make sure that you, first, schedule routine maintenance for your heating system. This is typically best to be scheduled in the beginning of fall, but regularity is more important that time of the year.

After ensuring you’ve had maintenance completed on your heater, you’ll want to make sure you stay on top of any needs for Spokane Valley, WA furnace repair. There are two calls we receive pretty frequently during this time of year—the first is about a furnace that won’t start up, and the second is about a furnace that won’t stop running. Keep reading to learn more about what’s going on inside your furnace if you’re experiencing either of these issues.

When Your Furnace Won’t Start

There are a few possible reasons this might be happening with your furnace, some more serious issues than others. One possibility is that you don’t actually have a problem with your furnace at all, but instead have a problem with your thermostat.

Check your thermostat to make sure that it’s in the right mode (heating mode), and then check to ensure that there isn’t an issue with the wires that connect the furnace to the thermostat. Remember, before you check then you’ll want to make sure that the circuit breaker to the system is shut off.

A lack of electrical power may also be the reason your furnace won’t start. You might have a tripped circuit breakers, or there could even be a power outage in your neighborhood. For gas-powered systems, the pilot light could be out.

If you’ve checked and aren’t experiencing any of these problems, then you might have a more serious problem on your hands. As we mentioned above, you’ve hopefully had your heating maintenance session completed already. If that’s the case, you probably have little to worry about. But it’s always better safe than sorry—go ahead and call our pros for assistance.

When Your Furnace Won’t Stop

So let’s say your furnace won’t stop—a frustrating problem when it’s way too hot in your home but freezing cold outside! Again, you might have a problem with your thermostat—if this device is malfunctioning, then it may not be able to accurately signal to the furnace that your desired temperature is being met, and it is time to shut off.

Another potential issues is that you have the temperature set too high on the thermostat, or perhaps your furnace air filter is too dirty and clogged. Either of these problems can prevent your furnace from shutting off, since it is working to meet your desired temperature when it simply can’t. If checking your air filter and your temperature settings don’t do the trick, then it’s time to give our pros a call.

Make Sure You Keep Up On Maintenance

We can’t stress the importance of furnace maintenance enough. The worst of furnace repair needs can almost always be prevented by staying on top of your annual maintenance sessions. During your maintenance appointments, our expertly trained technicians fully inspect and clean your furnace, making necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs as we go. As we alluded to above, as long as you get this service done on a yearly basis, you should be able to keep your heater in good working order for as long as possible.

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