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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Are You Looking For a New Heater?


When the wind is strong and the temperatures are low, you may not be able to get by with even your thickest sweater. There are days when some extra help is needed to keep warm. That’s what a heater is for! This system will make the coldest days bearable.

However, this only applies if your heater is truly in good working order. If you have an older heater that isn’t working properly, you won’t get the performance you need at the price you need. Sometimes it is better to say goodbye to your old system and upgrade to one that can truly meet your requirements. Here is what you need to know about figuring out whether or not it is time to replace your heating system.

5 Indicators You Need to Upgrade Your Heater

If you need a new heater, you don’t want to delay the replacement. Here are some signs that you should get your new system installed ASAP.

1. The system isn’t heating much of anything

Your heater has one job: to warm up your home. If the system isn’t doing this at all, or even if it seems like it is struggling heavily to accomplish this task, it may mean that you need to replace the system. If your heater isn’t able to make any heat, you are really just paying a lot for a fan.

2. There are frequent repair needs

Your heater will need repairs every once in a while over the course of its lifespan. However, if you have noticed that repairs are becoming a yearly affair, even with regular maintenance, it means that your system may be wearing out. Repair needs that are too frequent indicate a heater that may be ready to retire.

3. Those repairs are pretty pricey

How expensive was your last repair? Heating system repairs aren’t going to be cheap, but they certainly shouldn’t be expensive all the time. If you are getting repair bills that are equal to half the price of a new system, it means that you should consider spending that money on a new heater instead. Repair bills that are too high are going to be something you shouldn’t have to contend with more than once.

4. The airflow is weak from your heater

Let’s say that your heating system is producing heat but you are barely getting the benefit of any of it. Weak airflow may be due to a number of problems, but if frequent repairs and regular maintenance don’t resolve the problem, it may mean that your heater needs to retire.

5. Energy bills are way too high

Repair bills aren’t the only ones to keep your eye on. Make sure to check on your energy bills too. Large spikes are going to indicate that your heater is struggling and sucking up extra energy to make up for it. If this is becoming a frequent problem, it means you’ll need to look into getting a system replacement.

When you need a professional to take care of your new heater installation in Airway Heights, WA you can come to our team.

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