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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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6 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Cold


The heater is running but you just cannot get warm! Is something wrong with your heater or is there another problem causing your discomfort?

Struggling to keep warm may be an indicator of trouble with your HVAC system. However, there are other factors to check on too. It is possible that you have a different reason for that chill other than a problem with your heater. Make sure to check on these potential causes too!

6 Potential Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Get Warm

Here are six possible reasons that you can’t quite get warm this season:

  1. You need to dress a little warmer: We get it. Everyone has a favorite pair of shorts or a tank top that they love. However, at this point in the year, it is advisable to start dressing warmer. Your heater is meant to keep your home reasonably warm, around 68 to 70° at most—and that means you need a jacket or long pants at least. Trying to push your heater to keep things tropical indoors is a great way to cause it to break down early.
  2. Someone left a window or door open: You have on your coziest sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt, but you are still feeling a chill in the home. Follow that chill. Is it coming from somewhere specific? There is a chance that someone decided that they wanted some fresh air a while back and simply never closed their window.
  3. Your insulation needs some help: The insulation in your home may not be visible, but it is possible that yours is in need of repair. Old age and weather can wear down the insulation in your walls, attic, or crawlspace. This can leave you with areas of the home that leak heat more easily, leaving you cold. Have a technician check your insulation to see if it is worthwhile to have it repaired or replaced.
  4. Your heat pump is still in cooling mode: If you have a heat pump that isn’t seeming to produce any heat, it is worthwhile to check your system to make sure it is in the right mode. There is a chance that the system is stuck in cooling mode. Make sure that you switch the system into heating mode. If this isn’t making a difference, you should reach out for help from a technician to resolve the problem.
  5. Your heater needs to be repaired: Another potential cause for your comfort issue is that you do need to schedule a heating repair in Coeur d’Alene, ID. You may have a heat pump with a broken reversing valve, a furnace that isn’t running right, or something else. Repairs should be taken care of promptly.
  6. Your heater needs to be replaced: Maybe your heater isn’t working and repairs aren’t cutting it. If this is the case, you may need to just upgrade the system as a whole. Heaters that can’t function anymore aren’t worth keeping around.

Our team is here to help you keep warm with professional service. ACI Northwest can help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.

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