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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Should You Switch to a Heat Pump?


There are days when the cold outside is easy to keep at bay with a little help from a heating system. Then there are days when the sun has decided to hide away and the wind has been strong and you rely on your heater more heavily than in weeks prior. In either of these situations, you need a heating system you can trust. What if we told you that a heat pump could do this for you and then some?

Heat pumps are incredible pieces of technology. Rather than a combination package of two systems in one, they are one simple system that does twice the amount of work. Curious to learn if this system is a good fit for you? Read on!

How a Heat Pump Operates

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat. We know this sounds similar to an air conditioner and that is because a heat pump is able to serve as your AC! But it doesn’t stop at cooling power.

Heat pumps have what is called a “reversing valve” that allows them to reverse the flow of refrigerant in the system. This makes it possible for them to transfer heat into your house as well as out of it.

With a heat pump, you can enjoy year-round comfort that offers a lot of additional benefits.

Why Heat Pumps Are Great Systems

  • They have high energy efficient: Because heat pumps operate using heat transfer, they can operate at high energy efficiency. These systems can save a lot of energy, especially when it comes to heating your home since they create no waste through exhuast.
  • Heat pumps can be ducted or ductless: If you choose to install a heat pump in your home, you can choose a ducted heat pump or a ductless one. This allows the system to meet your home’s requirements and yours. This also makes this type of system great for homes that couldn’t accommodate ducts and have lost the ability to enjoy whole-home heating before now.
  • They take up less space: Heat pumps are a “mini split” system that requires indoor and outdoor components. While that sounds like a lot, these systems take up less space than an air conditioner and furnace.
  • No combustion means less strain: Since heat pumps move heat rather than create it through combustion, they also sustain less strain. That means fewer repairs than a furnace or boiler might have without any loss in heating power.

Does a heat pump sound like it could be a good fit for your home? If so, reach out to a team of experts today to discuss your HVAC system options.

Whenever you need any heating service in Spokane Valley, WA, or a cooling system service, you can count on ACI Northwest to provide the expert work you deserve.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice. Schedule your appointment today.

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