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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Rewiring Is a Job For The Pros

electrician working on rewiring

Poor wiring work isn’t always immediately obvious. However, over time it will rapidly become apparent. The thing is, poorly done wiring is completely avoidable. All that is needed is to book an appointment with an electrician in Coeur d’Alene, ID to take care of wiring and rewiring in your home.

So if it is that simple, why do some many people make these DIY attempts? The truth is a lot of people think that they are saving money in the long run when in actuality they are likely making things worse and creating more expensive problems down the line.

Let us explain how and why working with an electrician is worth every penny you spend.

Issues created by poorly done wiring

First things first, let’s look at the results that may occur if you do try to use an amateur or DIY attempt at your wiring work:

  • Short circuiting: Problems witih wiring are often going to lead to circuit trips. These trips occur when wires heat up or create electrical arcs. If you find yourself facing frequent trips for one or more circuits it may be due to poor wiring.
  • Flickering lights: When you turn on any lights around your house and notice that they are flickering an increasing amount, it may be due to bad wiring.
  • Damage to electrical appliances: Poorly done wiring can lead to power surges and electrical arcs. These can increase short circuiting but can also lead to damage to electrical appliances big and small. Check on your outlets to see if there are scorch marks that indicate electrical trouble that could damage your equipment.
  • Increased chances of electrical fire: Ineffective wiring work doesn’t just affect your use of your electrical appliances. It can also eventually pose a threat to your home’s safety. This is because if the work is done poorly enough it can increase the risk of electrical fires.

The best way to ensure your wiring is done right

Now that you know what can happen when wiring is done incorrectly, let’s look at the opposite side of things. How does working with an electrician affect your rewiring? It pays off and here’s why:

  • Proper tools: An electrician will always have whatever tools are neccesary to run, strip, or attach wires so you never have to worry about hastily done work.
  • Necessary training: Electricians also have the training to get the job done right. They will space wires properly and ensure that there is no risk or arcing.
  • Code compliance and insurance: Another big benefit to using a professional is that they will make sure the wiring is done right so it is code compliant. Plus, if anything were to go wrong, they are insured so you aren’t left footing the bill to fix the issue.

If you need help with any type of rewiring or wiring work in your home, working with an electrician is your best option.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice. Schedule your electrical services today.

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