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Possible Causes of Frequent Circuit Trips

electrician working on rewiring

Getting an electrician in Spokane, WA to check out your home is the most effective way to figure out what is wrong with your electrical systems. And having circuits that trip more often than not is a great reason to need help with your electrical system.

Circuit trips happen to just about everyone. At some point or another, one too many heavy energy users get plugged into the same circuit and, well, there goes the power flow! It can throw off your day but it is for your safety. With this said, having a circuit trip whenever you plug anything in should absolutely be something that worries you. It means something is wrong with your system and you need help from a pro!

Let’s explore what might be causing those circuit trips so you know why this isn’t an issue to ignore.

You have an overheated comfort system

Your comfort system is going to have a big draw on your electrical flow. If your system starts to overheat though, it can put your electrical system at risk. Our electrical systems are made to protect our homes from things like electrical fires, and so is your heater. Part of the safety measures includes signaling a circuit to trip if the system begins to overheat. This stops your heater from burning up and also reduces the risk of damage to your electrical system too.

There is bad wiring in the home

You may not know that you have a home with DIY wiring issues until they start to create problems. Poor wiring increases the risk of burned or overheated wiring along with the risk of electrical arcs. As you can imagine, when there is an arc, your circuit breaker may shut off to avoid electrical fires. If you notice frequent trips when using a certain outlet, it may be best to have an electrician check your wiring.

You have an overloaded electrical panel

How old is your electrical panel? This may be a question you’ve never considered before. Knowing the age of your electrical panel is important though because this can help you determine if you need to upgrade your system. An older electrical panel may not be able to accommodate your electrical needs, making it more prone to trips as your increase your use of electricity. As modern homes become increasingly electrical, panel upgrades will be something that makes a big difference!

Having trouble with your circuit breaker tripping? Don’t write it off! You shouldn’t have to make several visits to your electrical panel each day. If you are, it means you need to talk to a professional electrician ASAP. A trained professional will be able to assess the issue, diagnose the problem correctly, and provide prompt repairs that improve your electrical system and keep you safe.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice. Schedule your appointment for electrical services today!

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