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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Is Your Home Prepared for the Warmer Weather Ahead?

When the weather outside is still chilly, it’s difficult to think about the warmer weather ahead. But sooner than you know it, we will be dealing with the heat of summer once more, and you will need your air conditioning system to run smoothly if you want to stay comfortable. The people at ACI Northwest would like to offer a few pieces of advice to those who want to use the lull of springtime (as AC technicians are usually more readily available at this time) to prepare for their homes for the heat of summer.

Replace an Older AC System

Scheduling air conditioning replacement today for that older system helps to alleviate some stress further along in the season. As the temperatures rise, you have less and less time to make an informed decision about your new unit, while keeping cost, energy efficiency, and additional features in mind. Far more trouble is involved with replacing a system in the summertime, so if you know that you will need a new system this summer, don’t wait until the unit breaks down entirely before calling in a professional.

Schedule Maintenance

Professional air conditioning maintenance helps to restore the air conditioning system to its most efficient state. Air conditioning maintenance involves tasks such as cleaning coils, oiling motors, and checking the voltage and refrigerant levels, all of which help to keep your system in the best shape possible and save you money on monthly cooling costs. Consider joining an annual maintenance program so that you don’t have to remember to make the call each year.

Change or Clean the Filter

Experts recommend that you change your air conditioning filter (or clean it, depending on the style of filter) every 1 – 3 months, or whenever it gets dirty. A dirty filter restricts the necessary airflow to the unit which potentially leads to fan motor trouble or a frozen coil. Change it right now before the season begins, and write down a schedule in a calendar so that you remember to change or clean it later on.

Get in touch with the local technicians at ACI Northwest for thorough air conditioning maintenance or air conditioning replacement services in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

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