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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Who Should Invest in a Ductless System?

ductless-system-investWhen it comes to heating your home during the winter, forced-air systems—furnaces—are still a very popular way to do so. But often, forced air systems can be inefficient, or can take up too much space in your home on top of your already existing air conditioner, too.

But what if we told you there was another option for forced air cooling and heating, that not only would save you money due to its efficiency, but will take up far less space in your home? We’re talking about investing in a Coeur d’Alene, ID ductless system installation. But, just like any other HVAC system, a ductless system—ductless mini-split—isn’t right for every home.

Would You Like a Two-in-One System?

If you prefer one system that both cools and heats your home on demand, then you should consider investing in a ductless mini-split. This system operates on heat pump technology. Heat pumps are increasingly common and frequently used in climates that get pretty warm during the summer.

They work similarly to a traditional air conditioner in that they use a refrigerant cycle to draw heat out of the air in your home, and distributing back through air handlers throughout your home. What makes them different, however, is that you have the ability to reverse the process to provide your household with heat during the winter.

How Does This Work Without Ducts?

Ductless systems are comprised of an outdoor unit and individual indoor blower units. One outdoor unit can usually support up to 4 indoor units, which are wall-mounted and both heat and cool the rooms in which they are installed, directly. The indoor and outdoor units are connected via a simple conduit that contains power, refrigerant, and necessary drainage lines.

How Does Eliminating Ductwork Help?

There are a few advantages to eliminating air ducts. First off, it makes installing the system more convenient and straightforward. Plus, you won’t have to worry about ducts leaking—and this is a bigger deal than you may thing. When your ductwork leaks, and it often does, homeowners typically aren’t aware of it for some time. In the meantime though, it can lead to serious energy loss and subsequent high energy costs.

Plus, it’s not just air leaking out of the air ducts you have to worry about, it’s also pollutants making their way in. When this happens, the ductwork can then spread those pollutants through your entire home, dragging down your indoor air quality and leading to aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms.

Last but not least, choosing to use a ductless system for your heating and cooling needs can help improve the comfort for whoever is living in your home. Zone control is an inherent benefit of the ductless system, since each blower can be independently controlled of each other. This means you can maintain different temperatures in different rooms, helping prevent family squabbles over what temperature to have the thermostat set to.

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