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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Watch for These Signs of Air Conditioner Problems

air-conditioner-problems-signsIf recent weather is any indication, we’ve begun entering into the warmed part of the year. Granted, it never gets too hot in our area, when you compare it other parts of the country. Still though, are warm weather certainly warrants the effectiveness and efficiency of a quality air conditioning system. This is why we strongly recommend keeping an eye out for any warning signs that your cooling system may be in trouble.

While the most obvious sign of an air conditioning problem is a broken down system, ideally you won’t ever need to let things get to that point before calling for professional Spokane, WA air conditioning repairs. Generally speaking, the problems that may impact an air conditioner do damage over a span of time, not in just one fell swoop. In other words, if you pay close attention, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule repairs without worrying about a system shutdown.

Lukewarm Air

Aside from a complete breakdown, and air conditioner that is blowing warm are is likely the clearest sign that something is amiss with your air conditioner. You may be tempted to try to turn down the thermostat, but this won’t solve the problem. There could actually be a few different reasons this is occurring.

The problem might be as simple as a thermostat that isn’t set properly, or was accidentally switched to or left on heating mode. Another reason for lukewarm air is that your circuit breaker to the outdoor unit tripped, leaving nothing but warm air for the indoor unit to distribute. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to consult in professional HVAC technicians—we can alert you to minor problems and bigger problems, like a refrigerant leak.

Increased Costs

As the weather warms, you are going to run your air conditioner more and more. So, it makes sense that during long periods of hot weather you might be paying more than is normal to cool your home. You probably also have a basic idea of how much, on average, you’ll be paying each summer.

So, if you notice a sudden, unexplainable spike in your energy costs, then it’s very likely that there is a problem with your system that is negatively impacting its overall performance. The longer you neglect the problem and pay for energy that you aren’t benefiting from, the greater the risk of serious damage to your system, and the more you suffer financially.

Odd Noises

Just as you know on average how much you can expect to pay for cooling costs, you probably have a basic idea of what your air conditioner sounds like while it’s running. No cooling system is going to be completely silent in its operation.

However, if your air conditioner is making strange new noises, such as hissing, clanging, or screeching, then a damaged component or refrigerant leak might be the cause. Having your cooling system problems expertly diagnosed and professionally repaired will help to preserve your comfort, and the integrity of your air conditioner.

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