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Daikin’s New US Manufacturing Facility Is Breaking Records

At ACI Northwest, we’re always keeping up with the latest news. Recently, there’s been some buzz around the office about a new manufacturing facility that Daikin, a leading heating and air conditioning manufacturer, is investing into in the US. We’re really interested in what this news means for the air conditioning and heating industry, and we want to share our excitement with you.

Daikin is already the world’s largest heating and air conditioning manufacturer. Although their products have been distributed in North America since 2004, they are a Japanese-based company and their products have been somewhat rarer to find in the US up to this point. They acquired a US company in 2012—Houston-based Goodman Global Group Inc.—which means their high-efficiency products should become easier to find in the US very soon. In addition, this investment means more US jobs, and their new building is breaking records!

Construction started on Daikin’s new Houston facility in 2015. Completion was originally expected for mid-2016, but the company has recently announced it is more likely to open up towards the end of the year.

This building will be the second largest tilt-wall industrial building in the world. Tilt-up construction involves placing the wall right next to its new location. Equipment is then used to lift the wall up into place. The only building larger than this one that used this type of construction is a Bowing facility in Everett, WA.

The 3 million to 4 million square-foot structure may employ 5,000 US workers. The total cost of building is expected to be around $417 million. We’re excited to see the products and technologies that will become available to consumers and installers.

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