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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Air Conditioner Replacement vs Repair: Which Makes More Sense?

As summer continues on, we don’t need to be reminded of how important it is to have a fully functioning and efficient air conditioning system. Temperatures have soared lately, and hopefully you’ve had a properly working AC system to get you through, with no problems.

If you have had problems though, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace your air conditioner, or if you should invest in repairs instead and hold off buying a new system until next spring or later. No matter what, it’s important to confide in our professionals, as attempting AC repairs on your own can cause additional damage to your air conditioner.

But how do you know for sure when repairs are needed or replacement makes more sense?

Will the Repairs Hold Up?

If we come out to inspect your system and inform you that repair is possible, and that repair will likely hold up for a number of years, then it makes sense to have repairs done. If your air conditioner is aging but only just started having problems this season, you might just have a couple worn down parts, or perhaps even a failed capacitor that needs to be replaced.

However, it’s important that you consider the cost of the replacement in addition to the age and state of your system. If you haven’t had maintenance done on a regular basis, repairs are going to cost more than half of what the system is worth and/or your system more than a decade old, then replacement is likely going to be more cost-effective for you.

When Age Becomes an Issue

As mentioned above, an air conditioning system over a decade old is likely close to replacement age. Even with a brand new part, an aging system can only work so efficiently. Air conditioner parts that don’t match the system they are operating in will have trouble functioning as they should, and can cause rapid wear and tear.

Don’t worry if you are still unsure what is best for your system. Just contact our experts and we’ll be able to give you the advice you need to make an educated decision.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the expert HVAC technicians at ACI Northwest for any of your air conditioning service needs in Post Falls, ID.

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