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If Your AC Isn’t Tuned-Up, It’s Not Too Late

An air conditioner unit outside a brick home in a residential neighborhood. The air conditioner is in a back yard in the hot summer season. Service industry, working class.When you read any blog post touting the benefits of air conditioning maintenance, we understand that it can be easy for you to dismiss. After all, if nothing is seriously wrong with your air conditioner, why bother calling a professional HVAC contractor in Spokane, WA? This is especially the case if your air conditioner worked just fine all summer long last year, right? Well, similar to maintenance for your automobile, routine air conditioning maintenance is important not so much to fix issues but to prevent them to begin with.

As air conditioning professionals, we feel that it is our responsibility to inform you on the “why” of air conditioning maintenance. If you haven’t scheduled yours yet, no problem. Hopefully what we have to say here will convince you to get it on your schedule now.

More about AC Tune-Ups

Air conditioning maintenance, also called a tune-up, is a service offered by most HVAC contractors. But the level of service can vary. In general, any professional HVAC technician will have a checklist of components and factors to check on—they’ll be inspecting, testing, cleaning, and adjusting any parts that need it on and in your air conditioning equipment.

The adjustments we mentioned here will help improve the overall performance of your air conditioning system. It’s possible that you have things happening in your air conditioner such as a failing component or a loose part. If an adjustment doesn’t do it, then we’ll alert you to repair needs so you can get those repairs on your schedule right away.

Tune-Ups Help Improve Comfort

The biggest reason to schedule air conditioning maintenance is to ensure the longevity of your system and the best return on investment. But another very important reason is for your comfort! Over the years, without the right level of care, air conditioners tend to get less and less effective, as components wear down—just like they do in a car or any other important appliance you use on a regular basis.

True, we do recommend that you have air conditioning maintenance done in early spring. This way you can make sure it’s ready for its heaviest period of use soon to come. But it’s more important that you have it done routinely. So if you have a standard air conditioner, then you should have tune-ups done once a year. If you have a year-round heat pump system, then it’s important to have this service done once every 6 months.

Every benefit of air conditioning maintenance can also be said for heating system maintenance, which bears mentioning if you do have a heat pump system you use year round. Additionally, heating maintenance helps protect your safety, particularly if you have a gas-powered system.

HVAC Maintenance and Your Wallet

Maintenance helps to reduce your monthly energy bills by helping your system to retain 95% of its efficiency throughout most of its lifespan. It also can potentially extend the lifespan of your HVAC system considerably, meaning you won’t have to worry about investing in a new system sooner than you should have to. Lastly, regular tune-ups prevent major system breakdowns that can be costly and inconvenient to repair.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.

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