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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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3 Signs that You Need Professional Water Heater Repair Service

A nice warm shower is a great way to start the day. For your water heater, providing you with a comfortable shower is just the start of its day: it works hard almost constantly to bring you hot water for dishes, laundry, cleaning and more. At ACI Northwest, we know how important your water heater is to your home’s comfort which is why we offer water heater repair services. We wanted to share the top 3 signs that you need to watch for that could indicate that you need to call us for water heater repairs.

3 Indicators That You Need Spokane Water Heater Repair

Keep a close watch for any of the following signs that could mean you need to call for Spokane water heater repair services.

  • Not enough hot water – If you aren’t getting enough water it could just be that you need a bigger water heater. But if your heater is plenty big and you still aren’t getting enough, it could mean that you need to call a repair specialist to uncover the issue. The problem could be that the dip tube has come loose, that the burner is dirty or that the limit switch has been flipped incorrectly.
  • Leaks – Obviously, leaks are no good for your water heater but any piece of equipment that works with that much water is going to need service for leaks eventually. Leaks can happen for a number of different reasons including bad gaskets and valves and high pressure inside the tank.
  • Noises – It may sound strange but a common problem with water heaters is rumbling or rattling noises. This often is caused by sediment or minerals deposited on the bottom of the tank from hard water. They will form a barrier that causes air bubbles to form under the layer and make noises.

If you need any Spokane water heater repair services, make sure that you call the specialists at ACI Northwest. We have years of experience working with all kinds of water heater issues so call today.

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