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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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What’s at Risk with a Poor Furnace Installation?

Today’s furnaces are very energy efficient and durable – but you won’t see these benefits or be comfortable in your home if your furnace isn’t installed correctly. Any home heating system should always be installed by a trained and certified professional to ensure proper installation. Multiple problems and even some risks can develop when your furnace isn’t installed correctly. If you are ready for a new heating installation and have chosen a furnace, take the next right step and hire a trained expert from ACI Northwest to install your new system.

Problems with Poor Installation

Here are some examples of problems that can develop when your furnace is installed poorly:

  • Fuel leaks – combustion furnaces have to be connected to a fuel source in order to work. Should this connection be performed incorrectly, you could be looking at issues with fuel leaks. Any kind of fuel leakage is a serious problem, and one that won’t occur with a trained expert.
  • Electrical issues – if you have an electric furnace, the furnace needs to draw considerable power from your home’s electrical box, so it will have to be connected to the electrical box by a breaker. If the breaker isn’t installed correctly, or is too small, it will trip constantly, affecting the operation of your electric furnace.
  • Problems with ductwork – furnaces need to be connected directly to your ductwork so that the heat can be blown into your home. This connection has to be sealed so that the air can make it through the ductwork as needed. If this connection isn’t made correctly, or the connection isn’t sealed, you could lose a great deal of heating.
  • Poor energy efficiency – if the system is installed incorrectly, it may not work as it is supposed to. This can put stress on the system, which forces it to work harder. Anytime a heating system works harder, it uses more energy.

Working with a trained expert from start to finish helps ensure that your furnace will be installed correctly and work just as it should. If you need help with your heating installation in Spokane, call ACI Northwest today!

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