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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Uneven and Inadequate: Common Residential Boiler Problems

In general, when a residential boiler is working in peak condition, it’s one of the best ways to heat a home: energy-efficient, low maintenance, quiet operation, and an effective an even distribution of heat. Boilers usually outlast other residential heating systems, making them a long term-cost effective solution for winter heating.

Boilers can and do malfunction, however, even ones that receive the best regular maintenance. If you notice that your boiler is struggling to provide sufficient heat for your home, or that the heat isn’t distributed evenly through the rooms, it may be time for heating repair service in Couer d’Alene from a professional HVAC technician. ACI Northwest wants to help you enjoy the beautiful winters in Washington State: call us when you need help getting your boiler back to working at its best.

Boiler problems we frequently encounter

There are a number of different reasons that your boiler may run into trouble giving you adequate and even heating.

  • Pressure loss: If your boiler starts to lose water pressure inside the tanks or pipes, it will struggle with providing you adequate heat. This could be happening because of leaks (which may occur in places you can’t see) or trouble with the pressure relief valve.
  • Thermostat problem: If the thermostat malfunctions, it will sense heat incorrectly in your home or activate the boiler at the wrong times. Always check your thermostat when you encounter poor heating in your home, since the problem may originate there—and it’s one of the simpler fixes for an HVAC professional.
  • Corroded and blocked pipework: If the boiler seems to be working fine, but certain rooms aren’t getting warm, there may be blockage in the pipes. Corrosion can sometimes cause debris and sludge to build-up in the pipes, blocking them from getting to certain parts of your house.
  • Incorrectly sized boiler: If the boiler seems to have no other issues, but it still cannot provide you adequate heating, the problem may be that the boiler is too small. This is often an issue from amateur installation: boilers need to have professionals size them for a home. You need to consult with an expert to see if a new installation will fix this.

Whatever your boiler troubles, don’t let them go without repairs. The poor heating will not simply fix itself, no matter how advanced a boiler you have installed. The longer you let malfunctions go without repairs, the worse the problems will become—especially leaks! Don’t try to handle the repairs yourself, since you might end up causing further damage. Call trained professionals who can perform the work fast and effectively.

ACI Northwest has more than 85 years of experience with heating repair in Couer d’Alene, and we are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

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