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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Gas Furnace

It’s the most common type of whole-home heating system found in homes in this country today. The gas furnace uses an ignition system to ignite natural gas, and this combustion process sends heat to a heat exchanger within the system. A blower fan moves air over the heat exchanger, and heat transfers to the air, which then moves through the ducts to the rooms of the home. This type of system is right for many homeowners, but today’s homeowners also have the option of choosing an electric furnace, boiler, radiant system, heat pump, or geothermal unit. Is a gas furnace right for you?

Advantages of Having a Natural Gas Furnace for Whole-Home Comfort

Natural gas furnaces are often chosen for installation in new and existing homes.

  • Clean-burning fuel: The combustion of natural gas is clean and efficient, especially with new high-efficiency furnaces that often have AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings well over 80, with many over 90.
  • Availability of natural gas: Many homes are already set up to install a natural gas heating system, and natural gas tends to be inexpensive to use.
  • Air filtration: Furnaces have blower fans that suck in air from around the home and pass it through a filter before redistributing it to the rooms of the home.
  • Convenient to install—for some: Most new homes are built with ductwork, and many existing homes already have a gas line and a set of ducts. But for many others, natural gas forced-air heating may not be a possibility.

When a Gas Furnace is a Disadvantage

Sometimes, a heat pump or a boiler is the better choice.

  • Bulky ductwork: Retrofitting ductwork to an older home takes up a lot of time, and the bulky ductwork may be tough to conceal. Installing a ductless system takes up a lot less time, or you may choose radiant heating behind the walls or under the floor for the aesthetic appeal.
  • Noise: When a furnace cycles it may make a lot of noise, unlike a boiler system. However, modern high-efficiency modulating furnaces are a lot less noisy, since they lower the fan speed for greater temperature accuracy.
  • Safety: Although today’s gas furnaces are quite safe, many people still choose electric furnaces or electric heat pumps due to safety concerns.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice or for service in the Hayden area.

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