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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Signs Your Radiant Heating System Needs Help


Radiant heating systems are wonderful. The heat they provide is usually more even and consistent than what you’d get from a forced-air furnace. They operate more quietly, too. They last a long time. And perhaps the best part is how rarely they require repairs! They have fewer moving parts than furnaces, which means less wear and tear, and fewer opportunities for things to go wrong.

However, it’s always possible for something to go wrong. And since many years may go by between repair needs for your radiant system, you might not even know what to keep an eye out for. We’ll give you a simple list of signs that your radiant heating system needs help from a qualified technician. If you spot any of these, get repairs!

Cold Spots

If you have baseboard registers, a “cold spot” could be a section of register that isn’t getting hot, or a room that never seems as cozy as the rest of the house. If you have in-floor radiant heating, you might have a cold spot on the floor where it’s simply not warming up. 

Slow Heat

When you’ve let the temperature drop a bit—say, when you’re away at work all day—it can take a little bit of time for your radiant system to bring the temperature back up. But within a minute or so of turning the heat on, you should start to feel that the registers or floors are heating up. If more time is passing and you’re not feeling any warmth, it’s a sign of trouble.


As we mentioned, radiant systems tend to be pretty quiet. So if you’re hearing much of anything from the system—the boiler itself or the registers or in-floor pipes—and especially if you hear something sudden, surprising, or new, pay attention. Sounds like rumbling, hissing, humming, bubbling, or anything else mean you need radiant heating repair in Hayden, ID.


If your system uses natural gas, any eggy gas smell is an emergency. Evacuate your home and call your gas company’s emergency number from elsewhere. Either a gas or electric system can have electrical problems that cause a hot smell like burning plastic, which is another very serious problem.


It’s very rare for leaks to occur in the piping of a radiant heating system, but if it was poorly installed or has suffered damage somehow, it’s possible. It’s somewhat more likely for the boiler itself to leak. If you notice puddles, dripping, or water damage, get help right away before the issue gets any worse or causes more harm to your home.

Rising Energy Bills

If you haven’t asked your system for more heat, you shouldn’t be paying more. Suddenly, steeply rising energy bills can indicate that something is wrong with your heating system. If it’s struggling to function and having to work harder just to get the same job done, it will consume more energy. Don’t keep paying more than you should! Get your system repaired.

ACI Northwest is here to help. Contact us today with any questions about radiant heating.

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