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Should My Boiler Have Rust on It?

Boilers are systems where water is in constant contact with metal. Usually, this mean that rust developing is inevitable. So if rust appears on a boiler, that’s just a natural process, right?

No, it isn’t… your boiler shouldn’t have any rust on it, as we’ll explain. If you do notice rust along parts of your boiler, you need to have professional boiler repair technicians examine it and find out what needs to be done. For excellent heating repair services in Hayden, ID, call ACI Northwest.

Rust and your boiler

Boilers have safety devices installed to prevent rust. The most important is an anode rod at the top of the tank, which is sometimes called a “sacrificial rod” because its job is to rust away first before the rust can enter into the boiler tank—hence, sacrificing itself. If the anode rod rusts completely, which it eventually will, then rust will start to afflict the rest of the boiler. This is a reason why you need to enroll in regular maintenance; technicians will routinely replace the anode rod before it stops functioning.

So why is rust such a problem for a boiler? The first reason is that rust weakens metal. Any corrosion that affects metal will start to break it apart until it flakes and crumbles away. Weakened metal in the boiler tank will mean leaks; the pressure inside the tank will start breaking through the rusted sections. The rust will start affecting the connectors to the tank and cause leaks to start there as well. If the spread of the rust isn’t stopped, the whole boiler tank may need to be replaced because of leaking that can’t be repaired.

Another problem that rust causes boilers is that it imbalances the temperature inside the tank. Rust is an insulator, and if it starts to enter the inside of the tank, it will trap additional heat, causing the boiler to overheat. Overheating will trigger numerous problems throughout the boiler, including creating more leaks.

If caught soon enough, rust can usually be removed with professional attention. The boiler repair technicians will also track down the reason the rust started so they can stop it from returning. Rust will spread if left alone, so act immediately when you notice any corrosion on your boiler tank or other part of your heating system. The technicians at ACI Northwest are NATE-certified and have the proper training to take care of your heating repair in Hayden, ID so you’ll have a healthy boiler once more.

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