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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Heating Tip: Why an Oversized Furnace Will Not Perform Better

Are you considering a new furnace for your Spokane area home? Call ACI Northwest Inc. to help you select the right size and install it for you. Many contractors will try to sell you an oversized furnace and tell you that it will heat your home better; however, the opposite will occur for many reasons. Not only will you not get better performance, but you could also damage the system or make it less efficient, which means you won’t get the most out of your new investment.

Here are some reasons why an oversized furnace will not perform better than one that is the appropriate size for your home and heating needs.

First, a furnace that produces more BTUs than what you need to heat your home will use up more energy to heat a space that is too small for the output. Secondly, if your ductwork isn’t large enough to deliver the heat with the right amount of airflow, it can set off the limit switch. Constantly tripping the limit switch will needlessly shut down the furnace, and can shorten the life of the system. Lastly, you may need to replace the heat exchanger sooner than is necessary, and this is not a minor cost in the grand scheme of furnace repair or replacement needs.

If you aren’t sure what size furnace you need, call a heating contractor you can trust to help determine how many BTUs you need to properly heat your home. This will depend on the size of your home, where it is located, how much sunlight you get in the winter, and many other factors, including the condition of your ductwork and other components.

The heating experts at ACI Northwest can help you choose the correct size furnace for your heating needs and your particular home. We have many years of experience in this business, and we want to help all of our customers get the best solutions to all their heating needs. Call us any time if you have questions about furnace size and output.

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