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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Heat Pump Guide: Know Your Options for Heating Installation

If you are searching for the perfect HVAC installation to keep you comfortable all year long, the search ends here. A heat pump is the system to choose when you are looking for power, efficiency, and convenience. This is a single system that has the ability to heat and cool a home using refrigeration. A heat pump is an ideal installation for someone replacing a heater and air conditioner, or for new construction. Read on to learn more about the efficiency and performance of these popular home HVAC units.

High Heating Efficiency

Heat pumps tend to have a higher-than-average cooling efficiency, but they are very efficient for use in heating as well. This is because other heating systems must generate heat, a process that uses a lot of energy (especially for electric heating systems). Heat pumps only have to move heat around; they don’t actually generate it. Your heat pump should be very efficient through most of the year if you work with a technician to find a system that is the proper size for your home and has a high rating for energy efficiency.

Supplementary Heating for Cold Days

In certain areas of the country, a heat pump can run efficiently for the entire year without any supplemental heating system in place. Heat pumps use refrigerant to absorb heat from outdoors and bring it inside. Even in very cold weather, this is an effective way to heat a home.

However, if temperatures approach freezing, you will need a supplementary source of heat. Thankfully, modern heat pumps are manufactured with this need in mind, with a backup heating unit in place to switch to for a portion of the year (either electric resistant heat or a hydronic coil). Some heat pumps also have the ability to connect to a furnace and efficiently switch back and forth between gas and electric heat. Your technician can help you to come up with an efficient solution for your home heating needs.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns in Spokane, WA, Coeur d’Alene, ID, and the surrounding areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.

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