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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Common Electrical Problems with Your Heater

Although contemporary homes can depend on a variety of energy sources—natural gas, propane, and geothermal—electricity is an essential you’ll find almost everywhere. Because of electricity’s importance in running your home, it will probably have some connection to your heater, even if it is only to power the thermostat. Heaters can develop a number of problems due to electrical failures, most of which will require the work of a trained HVAC technician to repair.

Here are some common electrical problems your heater may encounter. If you need help with repairs for your heating in Hayden, ID, make sure you call professionals; don’t try to do the work yourself or rely on a friend or relative with some basic knowledge of electricity. Contact experts like those at ACI Northwest. We are on-call to assist you, 24 hours a day.

Common electrical problems in heaters

Failed heating elements: This applies to electrical furnaces and boilers, both of which use heating elements—sets of coils that burn hot as current passes through them—to raise the temperature of air (furnaces) or water (boilers). They can fail like any electrical system, which will reduce your heating ability. Furnaces and boilers contain more than one heating element, so if one fails you probably won’t lose your heat entirely, but the heater will no longer be able to match its target temperature. Have an HVAC expert open up your heater, removed the failed element, and replace it.

Capacitor issues: If you have a heat pump, this is the most common electrical trouble you may encounter. Capacitors are cylindrical devices about the size of soda cans that are responsible for sending electrical charges to the motors to start and keep them running. Capacitors can burn out or suffer from wiring problems, and this will cause the heat pump to “hard start” (draining power) or quit operating entirely. A technician will have to replace the damaged capacitors.

Thermostat wiring problems: Even if your heating system runs off natural gas, oil, propane, or geothermal power, it almost certainly has an electrical thermostat controlling it. Thermostats with faulty wiring will start to malfunction, often incorrectly registering your home’s temperature or failing to accurately set the heater. If you notice your heater is unable to reach its target temperature despite showing no other signs of malfunctioning, thermostat may be to blame.

Electrical problems pose a serious danger to anyone who works with them and lacks experience. Avoid the risk of a high voltage shock, or causing additional electrical problems through haphazard tinkering. Get the job done safely and correctly with a professional Hayden, ID heating technician. ACI Northwest will deliver the service you need to solve your heating problems in Hayden, ID —electrical or any other type.

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