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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Hayden is one of the most beautiful locations in Idaho. However, this far north in the state, Hayden can get deep cold spells, with average winter temperatures in the 20s. You need a powerful and reliable heater, like a furnace. working for you all through these months, because an unexpected breakdown can mean some unpleasant days.

Don’t jeopardize your home heating. The best way to fend off serious trouble with your furnace is to get a regular check-up and tune-up from a Hayden, ID heating maintenance professional. At ACI Northwest, we advise our clients to arrange for annual maintenance on their heater during the fall, when our technicians have less crowded schedules before the deep cold strikes.

Avoiding repairs and a breakdown are only two of the benefits you get from regular furnace maintenance. Here are three others to consider:

Increased lifespan: Machines wear down and eventually stop working—it’s unavoidable. What you can avoid, however, is having them wear down and stop working before their time. Because furnaces contain many moving parts, they are susceptible to wear and tear if not serviced at least once a year so the components can be cleaned or replaced. That one annual visit can add years onto the life of your furnace.

Increased efficiency: When a technician comes to your home to perform a regular maintenance visit, your furnace will receive tests to see that it is drawing enough air and producing the level of heat it should. A buildup of dirt and a clogged air filter can severely cut back on your furnace’s efficiency, which will result in poor heat levels, higher power bills, and probably both. Maintenance will give you better comfort in your home and a break on your bills.

Safety: Contemporary furnace manufacturers build their products with customer safety in mind, so under most circumstances furnaces do not present fire or gas leak hazards. However, if poorly maintained, the possibility of danger increases—especially with a gas-powered furnace. An important step that a technician always takes when examining a furnace is to see if it will operate safely: electrical connections secure, gas burners clean, no evident leaks. Getting maintenance on your furnace is an investment in your family’s safety.

We hope you see that maintenance is vital for getting the best heating in Hayden, ID that you can. At ACI Northwest, we want you to have a pleasant winter in this picturesque part of the state, and our maintenance plans can help you. We offer Premium Agreement and Plus Agreement packages to suit your budget. Contact us today before the temperature starts dropping.

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