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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Why a Whole House Generator Is a Great Gift for the Family


There’s nothing worse than watching kids open gifts on Christmas and then realizing you don’t have the batteries they need, is there? What about having the power go out on a major holiday? That’s definitely worse! But if you had a whole house generator, a power outage wouldn’t even dim your Christmas lights. 

There are a lot of families realizing they have enough (or too many!) things in their homes already and considering giving gifts that improve the quality of life without filling their houses with more stuff. A whole house generator is a perfect gift, one that can keep everything running smoothly under challenging circumstances. Consider these benefits.

Continuity of Power

If you have a portable generator, you have to fuel it up and get it started after you realize the power has gone out. With a whole house generator, it comes on automatically when an outage happens. There’s nothing you need to do about it. So if you’re asleep, or away from home, your refrigerator will stay cold and your heat will keep running with no interruptions.

Whole House Power

Portable generators usually only create a small amount of power. You must choose between things you would otherwise consider essential, because you can’t power them all, and you have to connect things with extension cords. Do you want to keep the heat going? Or do you want to prevent the freezer full of food from spoiling? Do you even have enough extension cords? Are they long enough to reach?

A whole house generator can power your whole house. No difficult choices, no spoiled food, no scurrying to connect the things that are your top priorities. Everything from the air conditioner to the coffee maker can operate as usual.


Portable generators come with a wide array of safety concerns. If they’re not vented properly, carbon monoxide poisoning can result. You need to keep highly flammable fuel in your home at all times in case you need it. If you don’t have that fuel, you need to hurry out to get some in whatever foul weather caused the outage. And of course there’s the minor hazard of tripping over extension cords.

A whole house generator is professionally installed with a safe, permanent ventilation system, so there’s no risk of exhaust getting into the air you breathe. There’s no need for jugs of fuel because it connects to your local natural gas supply line. You won’t even need to step out into a storm to start it up. And there are definitely no extension cords to worry about.

The Professional Touch

The process of assessing your home’s electrical needs and selecting and installing the right whole house generator in Hayden, ID requires a qualified professional. A member of our team would be delighted to get you started on that path so that you can impress your family with your amazing choice of holiday gift.

ACI Northwest is here to help. Contact us today with any questions about whole house generators.

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