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How to Survive a Summer Power Outage

summer sunWe can’t start this blog post off without first mentioning that the best way to survive a summer power outage—or at least, feel comfortable during one—is by preparing for it. Okay, so you never know when a widespread blackout will occur, or if one even will occur this summer—after all, aren’t they more common in the wintertime? That may be the case, but we are certainly not immune to summer blackouts!

And when they do occur, all of the sudden you’re stuck without an air conditioning system, without refrigeration, and typically without a way to keep cool. At least, you’re without all this without a whole house generators in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Generator

You may already be familiar with the small, portable generators you often see on a campground, or used to power up lighting in a garage. These are great for some purposes, like the ones we just mentioned. However, if you need your air conditioner to run, your refrigerator to prevent food from spoiling, or any other important pieces of equipment—like medical devices—to stay powered, then a whole-house solution is the answer.

Whole-house generators are one of those appliances you’ll hope you never need. But when you do need one, you’ll be very grateful you have it. Remember though, only a trained and experience professional should ever install or service these generators, if you want to ensure it works reliably.

Other Ways to Stay Cool

A whole-house generator installation is the ideal first step in preparing for and staying cool during a summer power outage. There are other factors to consider too, though. Our summers can be brutal, and heat-gain makes your AC system work hard, so even without a power outage, these tips can help you cool off this summer.

  • Utilize Ceiling Fans: If you are experiencing a power outage, then you’ve likely correctly guess that this tip will only apply if you do have a generator installed. If this is the case, read on. A ceiling fan cannot lower the temperature of the room that it is in, but it can help you feel cooler and it can help reduce the strain on your air conditioner. That’s because it helps pull the cooler air down, and distributes it more evenly so you feel more comfortable than a strained AC system can make you.
  • Invest in Heat-Blocking Curtains: You might have heard these referred to as “blackout” shades. They help block much of the heat gain that your home receives during the summer. And during a power outage, this can be very helpful in keeping you cool if you are without an air conditioner.
  • Use Reflective Treatments on Windows: It’s a good idea to investigate reflective treatments fro your windows for the summer, regardless of a power outage. This helps to eliminate some of the heat gain that we previously mentioned.
  • Refresh! Remember, drinking lots of water on a hot day is important, whether you have access to air conditioning or not. It’s also a good idea to ensure you’re wearing light clothing, and perhaps even consider taking a cool shower and keeping your hair wet so you’ll feel cooler.

If your power ever goes out, no matter the reason, and you don’t have a working generator, then we advise you to unplug your major appliances. This will help you avoid a power surge when the power does come back on. Also, leave your fridge closes so you can preserve as much food as possible, and check on your elderly or medically compromised neighbors to ensure their safety.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.

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