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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Should You Schedule Generator Maintenance?

Summer doesn’t seem to be on its way out any time soon, however that doesn’t mean that now isn’t a great time to think ahead towards the end of the year: a period where you might need to rely on your whole-house generator should an extended power outage occur. The beginning of fall—which is just a couple weeks away—is a great time to arrange for your annual generator maintenance.

But Why Is Generator Maintenance So Important?

Your generator serves as a back-up system. It’s an appliance that you hope you’ll never need, however if you do need it you’ll be tremendously grateful for it. However, a back-up system won’t do you any good if it’s not ready to work when the time comes. How can you truly enjoy the peace of mind a generator offers when you can’t trust that the system will even operate?

This brings us to routine maintenance. A typical generator can last from about 10,000 to 30,000 hours, however considering that you might only use it for a few hours in any given year, it’s tough to determine when it is suffering from possible malfunctions. Regular visual checks should be done by you on a monthly basis—or after any period in which the generator was in use. Be sure to check that the generator is clean, no critters have snuck in it or around it, and that it has sufficient oil and coolant. If anything seems off, be sure to give our technicians a call.

And What Happens During Professional Generator Maintenance?

During this annual visit, our professionals will conduct a full inspection and tune-up. We’ll change the oil and oil filter, change the air filter and the spark plugs, flush the cooling system if necessary, clean the crankcase, test the fuel, inspect the wiring, check for leaks and the drive belt, and then perform electrical load tests. After all of these tasks are performed, you’ll be left with the confidence that your generator will be up to its job when you need it.

For exceptional generator maintenance in Liberty Lake, WA and beyond, contact ACI Northwest today!

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