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The Benefits of an Electrical Service Plan in Spokane, WA


You probably know that routine annual maintenance is strongly recommended for air conditioners and heating systems, and in fact required in order to keep those systems in compliance with warranty requirements. But you might not have thought about the electrical system in your home. Perhaps it only crosses your mind when you have an electrical problem, like an outlet that doesn’t work, lights that flicker, or a tripped circuit breaker. Maintenance is important for the electrical work in your home and can prevent serious problems. We urge you to consider an electrical service plan. 

Electrical Problems Are Extremely Hazardous

While having maintenance done on your air conditioner will have many benefits, such as improving efficiency and decreasing repair needs, the air conditioner is extremely unlikely to burn your house down. When it comes to electrical problems, there are some very serious dangers. 

First, let’s discuss electric shock. Now, homes in the US have electrical current running through their wires at 120 volts. Exposure to this is unlikely to be fatal under most circumstances. But for a person with a cardiac vulnerability—and many people have heart conditions they don’t know about—it is much more dangerous. Also, salt water is an amazing conductor of electricity. This means that a dry person is at fairly low risk from 120 volts, but that same exposure to a sweaty person could be lethal. 

Second, electricity produces heat. While wiring that is in good condition keeps that heat contained, wiring that is fraying or connections that are coming apart allow that energy to escape. In addition to electric shock, the big risk here is fire.

According to one statistic from the National Fire Protection Association, 6% of house fires and 11% of house fire-related deaths were caused by electrical wiring and related equipment. Another way electrical problems can contribute to house fires is that modern smoke detectors are hardwired. They do have backup batteries, but as we all know, it’s hard to remember to change out smoke detector batteries regularly. If your electrical problem affects your smoke detectors, you might not have enough warning to escape your home if there is a fire. 

Electrical Maintenance is Safe and Sensible

When an electrician performs maintenance, the unacceptable risks listed above will be dramatically reduced. Your electrical panel (also called a circuit breaker) will be cleaned, inspected, and tested. Switches and outlets, including GFCI outlets both interior and exterior, will be checked for secure wiring.

Surge protectors will be inspected, smoke detectors will be tested, and the electrician will even check on built-in electrical appliances such as ceiling fans. They’ll also note anything that poses a risk—for example, Electrical Safety Foundation International states that 3,300 house fires are caused by extension cords each year—and help you come up with a safer solution. 

We have a variety of maintenance plans and would love to help you select an electrical service plan in Spokane, WA that is ideal for your home. Then you can enjoy the vast array of benefits like discounts on repairs and priority customer status as well as safety and peace of mind. 

ACI Northwest is here to help with your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance plans.

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