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Signs You Need Repairs for Your Outlets

The outlets in your home are your conduit into the electrical system and are therefore one of the most important parts of your daily life. If an outlet stops working, you need to have it looked into and repaired as soon as possible.

However, an outlet failing to work is an obvious sign that something is wrong. There are other warnings your outlets can send to you that they require professional repairs or replacements that are not so obvious. We have a list of a few to look out for.

We need to emphasize professional repairs: do not tamper with any part of your electrical system on your own. You risk dangerous high voltage shocks, as well as causing further damage to the electrical system. Only allow licensed electricians to work on outlet repairs. Call ACI Northwest for any repairs or electrical installation in Coeur d’Alene that you need. Our experienced Electricians Are on Call 24 Hours a Day.

Warning Signs of Outlet Repair Needs:

  • Charring and discoloration: If you notice marks of charring on the front of an outlet, or if the outlet has developed a yellow or brown discoloration, it means an electrical fire has broken out inside the outlet due to bad wiring. This needs immediate repairs; the potential for the outlet to become a significant fire hazard is high.
  • Frequently tripped circuit breakers: If you notice that plugging an appliance into a particular outlet causes a circuit breaker to trip, the problem is either the appliance or the outlet itself. If different appliances of varying voltage demands are triggering the problem, then the outlet is probably in need of replacement. (Do not, however, start plugging in different appliances as a way to “test” if the outlet or the appliance is the problem. Call for an electrician.)
  • Sparking outlet: If the outlet sparks every time you put a plug into it, the outlet is wearing down and perhaps coming loose. This is often due to years of plugging and unplugging. In this case, the outlet will probably need to be replaced entirely and upgraded. Call an electrician right away.

In general, we advise that you have outlet replacement and rewiring done if your home still has old non-grounded (two-prong) outlets. You should also consider updating three-prong outlets to GCFI outlets to increase safety. At ACI Northwest, we offer fast and excellent electrical installation in Coeur d’Alene, WA for new outlets, as well as any necessary repair work.

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