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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Help Your Business With Improved Energy Management

business-owner-with-well-lit-spaceLet’s paint a picture.

You are a commercial business owner and you have worked hard to optimize your commercial space for the sake of your clientele. Whether that is selling home products or clothing, serving food, or offering consulting services, your commercial space took a lot of work to make it fit your needs and make the space as enjoyable as possible for your customers. You are sure that everything is great until you start noticing things seem a little off. Maybe it is people squinting while they are in your commercial space, colors that seem a little off, or parts of your business that aren’t as well lit as others. Yes, you worked hard to make your commercial space one that is ideal, but bad lighting can take all that effort and chuck it out the window.

Whether you are opening a new commercial space or have realized that your longstanding business needs a lighting upgrade, it pays to invest in your lighting system because it makes a bigger impact than you might think.

How Lighting Helps or Hinders Your Commercial Space

It is important to remember the importance of your commercial lighting system because this part of your business’s layout has a big impact on both you and your customers.

  • Health and comfort: Ditch the headaches and eyestrain caused by bad, flickering lighting. Proper lighting creates a broadened perspective and can help you and your customers feel more comfortable and happy in your commercial space
  • Energy use: Poorly working lights or old lightbulbs suck up more energy than they should. What’s more, if you need extra lights all for one space because your current lighting system can’t seem to get the job done, that is an extra cost too. Installing lighting systems that work more effectively and use energy more efficiently will make a huge impact on your bills.
  • Safety: Have you ever been walking somewhere and tripped because poor lighting hid the presence of something like a set of stairs? An effective lighting system is going to keep you and your customers safer from potential hazards like this.
  • Clarity: It took one viral post about a dress to show how important lighting is to our perception of color. If your work relies on your clients’ perception and enjoyment of different colors, you will really want to make sure that your lights are going to help you, rather than altering those colors with an orange or yellow hue.

We Can Help Boost Your Lighting System Management

Interested in giving your commercial lighting system a boost? We have some commercial services in Hayden, ID that can help you out including;

  • Upgrading your lights: You aren’t obligated to hang onto the lights that your commercial space came with. Work with us to upgrade the lights in your business to give your space a brighter and clearer look.
  • Checking plugs and wiring: One of our professional electricians can help to ensure that the wiring in your commercial space is up-to-date so you never have to worry about faulty lights or electrical short-circuits.
  • Installation of improved management tools: These will help you enjoy some added control over how strong you want your commercial lighting to be and which lights you want on.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.


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