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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Have You Considered Installing an Attic Fan?

While fans alone cannot cool a home, they do serve a couple of important purposes. Ceiling fans move air around, which allows you to feel a lot cooler and run your air conditioner for less. This keeps your bills low and prevents wear and tear on the parts of your AC. One other type of fan that you may not be as familiar with is an attic fan, which may be just as important in keeping you cool. Find out how in this short guide.

How an Attic Fan Works

Inadequate venting is a common reason for poorly performing air conditioning systems and high energy bills. Some discomfort in the home may be due to a layer of heat in your attic. Heat rises naturally (something you’ve probably heard before) and it can linger in this room and greatly reduce your comfort throughout the home.

An attic fan works by blowing warm air out of your attic, which means the rest of your home can stay cool. You may be able to reduce strain on your AC or turn it off completely some days. This is ideal because an attic fan uses far less energy than your air conditioner does.

Installing an Attic Fan

Installing an attic fan is no easy task. This isn’t anything like installing a standing fan, and simply plugging it in won’t be enough. An electrician will wire the attic fan into your home, and they may need to install the thermostat and any optional humidistat included with the fan.

We recommend that anybody without the proper certifications leave electrical work to a professional as this will ensure optimal performance. Besides, you may be unfamiliar with local electrical codes, and hiring an electrician allows you peace of mind over your safety as well.

Call the electricians at ACI Northwest to install your new attic fan today. We will make sure everything is hooked up properly and that you

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