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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Electrical FAQ: What Type of Generator Should I Get?

Making sure that your home is supported by an electrical generator in the event of a natural disaster is critical to your home safety and comfort. However, with today’s plethora of generator options, it can be difficult to figure out what type of system to install in your home. If you’ve already started to do a bit of research on this topic, then you may already know the importance of professional installation by a qualified Spokane electrician. In this post, the electrical experts at ACI Northwest would like to assist you with your new generator installation. Call us today!

Let’s take a look at your generator options:

  • Engine generator. This is the standard type of generator. It combines an electrical generation system with a mounted engine that runs on a fuel. Piston, hybrid diesel-gas, dual-fuel, and gas turbine engines are the available mechanical types, and they vary in size. On the one hand, you probably know or have used a small portable generator before. They are small, but come in handy in a pinch. Unfortunately, they often put our homes at risk of carbon monoxide if not properly used or ventilated.
  • Backup generator. This is the standard whole-home system. It allows you to restore power to your home by relying on a fuel supply. When you lose power, the backup generator is available so that you don’t have to let your food go to waste, or your home go cold or hot. You’ll be able to alleviate the effects of a power outage so that you can remain safe and comfortable.
  • Automatic standby generator. This is a comprehensive emergency power system that integrates directly with your utility power source to offer automatic standby for when your home loses power. Its main distinction is that it monitors and detects any drop in voltage between your utility supply and your electrical box. When it shuts off in the event of a storm or flooding, then your generator automatically switches on, giving you power. This type of system typically runs on natural gas or propane, and integrates directly with your fuel supply.

For comprehensive Spokane, WA electrical services, call ACI Northwest today!

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