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Electrical FAQ: Do I need a fuse box upgrade?

When the electricity comes into your home from the street it needs to be distributed properly throughout your home. In older homes, the electricity coming from your utility company enters a fuse box that acts as the distribution point for the light switches, appliances and outlets throughout the home. While fuse boxes do have some advantages, there are several important signs to watch for that could indicate you may want to consider upgrading to a new circuit breaker panel. Contact the electrical repair technicians at ACI Northwest if you’re having any issues with your fuse box and need repairs or replacement. These are some of the problems that could indicate that you need to replace your fuse box.

Frequent Blown Fuses

Fuse boxes protect your home from dangerous levels of electricity by using fuses. If the current of electricity flowing through the fuse gets too high it will heat up the fuse and melt it, thus destroying the connection and “blowing” the fuse. If you start to notice that your fuse box is blowing too many fuses it could be a sign that there are some problems with the box and it needs to be replaced. Contact the Spokane, WA electrical professionals at ACI Northwest for any electrical repair that you need.

Marks Around the Fuses

When you see burn marks, rust, loose connectors or discoloration on your fuse box it is likely a sign that there are big problems. This is probably a good time to have your fuse box replaced with a safer and more reliable circuit breaker. Contact the Spokane, WA electrical specialists at ACI Northwest.

Benefits of Circuit Breakers

While fuse boxes are actually more sensitive to dangerous amount of electrical current, it can cause them to be a nuisance. Instead of using fuses to protect your home from too much electricity, circuit breaker use magnets. When the current of electricity gets too high a magnet is engaged and it flips the switch. This is much more convenient because you don’t have to go out and buy fuses (which can be hard to find).

For all your Spokane, WA electrical needs call the friendly electricians at ACI Northwest. Call ACI Northwest today!

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